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How do you like to clutch?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jirf88, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. So I'm sitting at the table, at a restaurant, with some very boring colleges of mine, waiting foe my food. So rather than sit and listen to them talk about salad, I'm going to make a netrider poll.

    I adjust my clutch so when I release it, there is about 1/100th of a millimeter of travel until the friction point. How do you set up yours?
  2. I just ride the bike and not worry about such technical crap.
    (although with my injury haven't ridden for 4 months getting antsy!!!!!!)
  3. Wherever Kawasaki set it at the factory.

    Wonder if it's time for a new cable, yet.
  4. exactly 1cm
  5. I don't care. Just got used to it the way it is
  6. It's about 50% of the travel, so more than 1cm.
  7. I set mine up so that you can only bring the lever in a cm or so before it starts slipping. I've ridden bikes that have been set up such that friction point is very close to the bar; it weirds me out. How the hell are you supposed to pull the thing in with one finger to pop a controlled clutch wheelie? And doesn't it give you the shits in traffic to have to pull the thing right back?
  8. Nah, because its not under tension for the entire distance it travels. I slacken the cable so theres probably 3-4 cm of travel until the lever hits the bar, the last cm or so is when the clutch is dis-engaged.
  9. I'm the same as Loz. I can't stand excess slack in the clutch lever. Actually, I hate slack when it comes to any type of automotive control because it gives me the impression it's not precise.
  10. clutch????

    i just bang through the gears....

  11. Are talking with or without gloves? Which glove should be removed before trying to make an accurate measurement? Does it matter in which order I remove said gloves if both should be removed? Is there a better brand of gloves to measure in? How do I make said measurements? I hate being imprecise...
  12. Now Jake, if you use the search functionality you'll soon find that those questions have been answered 100 times or more.

    Now in response to the OP. Which one is the clutch?
  13. lots of play in my clutch....
  14. Manual recommends 10-15mm.
  15. Hydraulic clutch ftw
  16. Left clutch first.
  17. Don't really measure it, just pull in and let it go... give a bit of gas and there she go.
  18. granny shifting, not double clutching like you should
  19. Im with you, clutch is there for taking off thats about it
  20. ....grab......squeeze..... let go.......repeat!!! :LOL: