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How do you know when your ready to take a pillion passenger?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OzzyDevil, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. As from the 5th of this month I now can take pillions..

    Anyway my question is how do you know when your ready to take a pillion passenger? Its not something I want to do right now but would like to very soon well maybe lol.. I have family my daughters who have asked about it and I know they will love it.. Don't get me wrong I'm shit scared but excited at the same time.. I have read alot of stuff on pillions and all good info.. I know there isn't a set time frame on the subject but would love to know..

    Been riding 14 months and had 2 accidents which I know doesn't help much..


    plus sorry if in wrong place..
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  2. Has she passed any comment on riding pillion as yet? ;)
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  3. I know I hate new pillions who want to hang on to the grab rails. Make them hang in to your waist. That way they have to follow your movements. Pillions who hang onto the rails, usually behind them, unless they have experience and can anticipate, tend to do their own thing. On a small light weight bike, this will eventually end in tears or at least the bad type of skid mark.
  4. What you need someone a little older and more experienced, a gentle teacher in the art of riding with a pillion.

    If you are not selective about your pillion partners and don't use protection you may end up with a rash.
  5. I want to do everything right.. I have s court were I live.. plus I go to saturday practise which will help.. I just thought 14 months might not be the time to take pillions I thought maybe more riding experance would be the go first...
  6. Look up 'pillion in a million' on the aucton site: $33
  7. Ask @hawklord for some tips on Saturday. I know he has helped a few others as this has been discussed before at practice.
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  8. Yeah I'm going to for sure.. :)
  9. Ask someone who knows how to pillion to jump on the back at Sat Practice too
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  10. I can just see you now Ozzy, rocking up to saturday practice, big smile on your face, with a mannequin strapped on the back.
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  11. Hahaha ned lol
  12. Something like this ?
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  13. Make sure you carry a puncture repair kit.
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  14. And...another thread bites the dust lol
  15. The only way to learn is to do it; preferably with an experienced pillion to start with. Start with a short ride around the block and work up.

    Braking and handling are very different - especially on a small bike.
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  16. Avoid helmet clunking!

    The pillion needs to take on the mantra "I am a sack of Potatoes"
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  17. You prefer blonds??
  18. Very funny :)