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How do you keep your cruiser shinny?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by ralph, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Experts of the rider of the net....

    After some thoughts on how people wash and clean their crusiers... I am finding it hard to keep the water marks off the chrome bits in particularly. I use normal car wash stuff and chamios to whip the water off, but always seem to get water marks.... are their other techniques products for keeping my baby shinny?

    Thanks in advance

  2. For the chrome, Purple Metal Polish, some use Autosol. Apply either one lightly and regularly. Mr Sheen helps too - search around the forum for more.
  3. Never trust a rider with no rust!

  4. Plexus or visiplex for everything on the bike.
  5. I use CT41 or whatever that super concentrated truckwash stuff is called (white bottle, green cap) for cleaning the painted surfaces - use a sponge or cloth and a bucket. Meguiars chrome cleaner & polish for the metals (I like this one, nice and simple). Kitten wheel cleaner (no acid) for the rims, although I'm lazy - spray them with this stuff, wait 5-10min, spray again, wait 2 min, blast with pressure hose. Finally, the crap on the forks comes off with oven cleaner.
  6. Motul wash and wax works well
    then aerasol tyreshine to keep it shiny and easier to clean (more for the engine)
  7. Wash with Meguiares soft wash gel...

    Best thing is once you have chamoised down then clean your chrome with window cleaner.

    Then the final part is to buff with dry soft towel, this is the part that gets rid of the the small streaks that may still be there.

    Meguairs quick wax is also another great product.

    Again the best way to get rid of any streaks etc is to buff with soft clean towel. :grin:
  8. lazy guide

    The lazy guide.

    1. clean the bike once and for all properly, soap and water will do!.
    2. use Meguirs wax remover/sealant and clean all paint.
    3. Use Meguirs Glaze/sealant on paint, inc wheels (cast wheels)
    4. use WD40 on chrome inc wheels.
    5. Use Mr Sheen (nice lemon scent too!) to clean paint from now on.
    6. use flash dash on seats and vinyl.
    7. Use RainX on mirrors

    8. ride bike repeatedly for 2-3 months
    9. clean after 3 months starting at step 4.

    The right way -
    Add Step 3a. Add 12-15 coats of carnuba wax to paint - hand rubbed

    Otherwise as above, just use rule 8 more often!.

    Except for 3A, above should take less than an hour a month.
  9. You guys scare me! :shock:

    Here's my routine...

    1. Ride my bike around in rain through dirt and wear a big grin.
    2. Hmm bike is completely filthy. Oh well spray with hose.
    3. While wet, use bucket of warm water with some old car wash crap back from when we were allowed to wash cars at home. Wash bike with large sponge.
    4. Rinse off bike with hose. Wipe down bike with soft rags.
    5. Get out and ride the bloody thing again until filthy.

    The only other time I bother is if I'm stuck at home with the kids and can't get out on the bike. But I'd rather be riding it than detailing it! A quick wash will do unless you're preparing it for a show surely.....?
  10. Good one Bluesuede :grin:

    I use Wilko's polish, Extreme Clean. It is a white liquid that you spray on and polish and then buff off. It says to do this while wet but I find that it works well with a second microfibre cloth to remove any that has dried.

    It is the best thing that I have ever used on on type of chrome or paint work and is well worth the $23 or so dollars that I paid for a litre of the stuff and I have even used the 3 stage Meguiares of paint clean polish and wax. This makes it look better in one go. I have even used it when the bike has been just dusty and it made the XVS look a million bucks again. I have used it about 5 times and there is still at least 750 ml left.

    Try to find it at your local bike shop, if you can't there is a phone number on the bottle that I can give you.

    No, I do not own or work for the company, I just think that it is that good. :)
  11. This all sounds like too much hard work.
    I wash mine with a normal car shampoo, rinse with clean water then I blast it with the Leaf blower. The Water blasts off in minutes then a quick run over with a soft cloth.
    All finished in under 15minutes. Leaving the rest of the day to ride. :grin:
  12. Megiars all the way!
  13. i gave my new bike a wash today...

    washed her down with Meguiars nxt gen car wash... dried her with a microfibre cloth

    polished and waxed the paintwork with 2 coats of wax (was low on time)

    used the same wax on the chrome and it came up a treat... mind you i didnt spend the time on the exahust so where it was really filthy i didnt touch... looking for a dedicated product to clean it when i have more time

    i also gave the tyres a bit of shine (ON THE WALLS< JUST BEFORE THE RIB WHERE THE TREAD STARTS!)

    she looks beautiful! but i have to say the paint needs more work (more cut back) and more wax, damn black paint
  14. Wash with gurny (water pressure cleaner) and Mr Sheen all over. Rub till shiny
  15. gurney

    beware that a gurney can get water where water shouldnt!

    ie shaft drives can get water in them and displace the grease. same with wheel bearings etc.

    Watch out!
  16. I wouldn't use Mr Sheen on my furniture, nor would I use it on my bike. What you need is a polish that contains a quality Carnauba wax.

    I can swear by FW1. Check out their site at http://fw1.com.au/index.html

    A brilliant and fast finish that lasts.

    The rep that I bought mine from is Neil and his contact # is 0433 425 008.

    The detergent that I use is CT18 available from most car accessory outlets.

    Use a quality polishing cloth to finish off.
  17. I use CT18 to wash my M109.
    Then I use Mr Sheen on the paint and Glass cleaner on the Chrome and screen.

    Works a treat.

  18. Got given some of that for xmas as im a freak when it comes to cleaning. bike came up a treat for a fast detail. [/b]
  19. I use three micro fibres (one for the filthy bits, one for the greasy oily bits that shouldn't be and one for the shiny bits) and a polyglaze waterless spray wipe. takes 10 mins and comes up looking clean and shiny

  20. Keep a clean soft cloth near where you park your bike. After ride give a quick wipe over ... mr sheen is great