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How do you judge your fuel usage?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Just curious....

    My bike has no fuel gauge (I gather this is normal)...
    How do you tell when its time to fill up? Do you just wait until you start shuddering and flip it to reserve? or do you peek into the tank from time to time? or do you go by odometer reading?

  2. You can't know for sure but..

    Reset the trip meter then ride until it hits reserve

    Then just take 10% (or 20% to be safe) off and fill up before it reaches that

    At least that's what i'd do, seems to be the most practical thing to do
  3. You got a ZZR 250? If so when you hit 300km, or if your trying to keep up with 600's or 1000's at about 200 - 250ish km. Dead easy
  4. Yeah, once you've worked out roughly how many kms you can get to a tank make sure you reset the kms everytime you fill up.

    My cbr250 does roughly 200-220kms per tank but I always fill up when it hits 200kms just to be safe.
  5. I go by the odometer. My r1 gets 4.6l/100ks last time i checked so i fill up around 250-300ks. Could stretch a little further but rather not risk running out.
  6. 4.6L / 100km for an R1 WHAT!?!??!?!?! how soft do you ride it :p

    you can alternatively go on the internet and search :).. then slowly work out when you need to fill etc
  7. Hahaha, I filled up the other day and got more than that. ON A 250!!!
    I thrash that thing pretty hard though.
  8. zzr250? fill it up at 350 on the trip meter. That leaves you bout 100 to spare, depending how hard you ride it.

    However, fill up the tank, reset the trip meter to zero, ride around like you usually do for 200ks, fill it up again and see how many litres it takes for that 200ks. Simple math works out kms per liter after that and knowing your tank capacity how far you can go before you have to touch reserve.
  9. Another thing to mention about the ZZR/GPX is that when fueling up, get it up on the centerstand. It levels out the fuel and you can squeeze a few 100mls in.

    It could get you and extra kms out of the tank by doing this.
    A few extra kms doesnt seem like much until you have to push it :p
  10. how many K's is everyone getting per tank?
    Specifically those with an Across?
  11. Normally people measure fuel used by an Across in Handbagfills per 100kms :)
  12. I dont get it?
    Are you implying that an Across is a girls bike?
    Are you a sexist pig with an obviously small penis or have a read the situation incorrectly?
  13. Yes. :cool:
  14. Dad, you should get at least 300k's a tank, so when you fill up, get a receipt and write down how many k's are on the trip metre - I always forget so I write it down. Do that for a couple of tanks and you'll get an idea on your mileage.

    And remember you are riding in peak hour, the bike will use more fuel if you're sitting stationery in traffic than it will on a weekend ride!
  15. Well, best call me a girl then because I want one as my first bike.

    Dare you to do it to my face though :cool:
  16. The proof is in the fact it sold painted in "teal".
    For any heterosexual man there is no such thing as "teal", the only colours that really exist and can be trusted are those learned in Primary School and contained within a standard 12-pack of coloured pencils.
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  17. My Bandit has a fuel gauge but I still refuel according to one of the trip meters.

    Our ZZR250 easily does 300k. I dont think we've ever needed reserve as the Bandit stops at about 300.

    ZZR's have a huge tank for a 250
  18. 12 colours, dang, I just work in RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
    I did see one for sale in teal, i think on here, I cant seem myself riding one of that colour... the red or black ones look good though and are cheap for L riders such as myself