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How do you identify a Australian model from a grey?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by huzey, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. As you know, I'm looking at CBR250RRs. I've come accross one that seems at a great price and looks good

    It's a CBR250RR with just over 50,000 km's, i've talked around, and as long as it's been maintained, it should be fine. It looks pretty, minor scratchings (hard to find a 250 that hasnt been dropped...)

    My problem is now, understanding if it's a Aussie model, the owner sais it is, but how can I be sure before I go and drive and hour to see it?

    Ps, anyone in Newcastle/Sydney who would be able to help me pick up a bike and inspect it mechanically for me? I'd be happy to pay and shout you a beer and sell you the cheapest computers in Newcastle ^__^

    Thanks all!
  2. I think you should be able to tell by the plate with the VIN number on it. If it has a "compliance" plate it's an import.
  3. How do you identify a Australian model from a grey?

    Well, an 'Australian model' is a tall slim female, usually blonde, and with a 'home town girl' sort of look.

    A 'Grey' is a three foot tall alien, bald and grey, with large round eyes, that abducts people for hideous sexual experiments.
  4. I see, sorry but I'm a newbie....here's the details of it...can you help me out?

    Reference Code 13CP-086-107

    Registration No. UKE 24

    It also sais

    "Road Worthy Certificate No"

    What does this mean?
  5. ring him up, get the VIN number, engine number and all that jargon, then ring up Vic Roads and do a security check on it (free, just don't ask for a printout) and they'll tell you if it's complianced or sold in Aus.
  6. I was hoping the thread was gonna be about Elle MacPherson too. :cool: