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How do you guys rate the ER5?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Leakey, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. I'm getting an idea by reading past posts and reviews, but any comments?

    A mate is looking to sell his (it'll be my first bike, on my L's), and will give me the info/price on it shortly.

  2. Sorry, what do you mean?
  3. Theres a user on here called lowercase that has an ER5

    I'm not a fan of naked bikes, but 500cc and learner legal is enough reason to get one. My little GPX250 doesn't scare me anymore :p
  4. OH!

    I thought I was supposed to ask about the 'er5' instead of the 'ER5' :rofl:

    Thanks guys.
  5. I had one. It was good. Not as good as my ZX6 but your not allowed to ride those on your L's & P's :wink:

    It was good allrounder really. Better than a 250. Basically the same as a GS500 but so much cooler :p :p
  6. It's a little different to the GS500 in that it's water-cooled and therefore has more power, downside is that they generally cost more. Like the GS it is an engine design that dates way back so any major design faults would have been well and truly sorted. It's also going to be a lot cheaper to run and last longer than a 250 that has to work so much harder to do the same thing, and the extra torque will actually make it a lot easier to ride (and safer). Definitely a good choice for a learner, even fully licenced riders buy them as they make excellent commuters.
  7. Ok, great, thanks. jd - good info.

    I'll get some details and you can tell me if it's a good price :)
  8. Should point out that I've never owned one - but I was considering buying one. I do have a copy of MT lying around though that has a very good review and used buying guide for the ER5 which if I get time I'll try and post up this evening.
  9. The one thing I don't like about them is that they have a drum rear brake....
  10. mel you a dreamer :LOL:, drums brakes yuk

    and its a kwaka, egt something else

    just kidding if you like it, go for it, other then the fact it is a kawasaki there is nothing really wrong with it :LOL:
  11. I'm kind of leaning toward a GPX, ER5, or GS500, but I'm a little worried about the 250, thinking I may get over it in 12 months. Any thoughts?

    I'll go sit on a couple as soon as I can.
  12. I had a ZZR-250 for about a year before I started to get a bit bored on it... there are a lot more GS500's out there than the ER-5. I never had a problem with the drum brake on the rear. I had my ER-5 for just under a year, it was a great bike for what it was!
  13. If you want something with fairings like the GPX have a look for a GPZ500 - it's basically a faired ER5 (or bigger engined GPX).
  14. no offence but any learners bike you get whether it be a 250 or a 500, chances are you are going to be sick of it in 12 months or so no matter what

    they are bikes to learn on, and if you have the funds to buy a second bike at the end of your restrictions, they are great for commutting, no learners bike can really be concidered a long term bike if you are already thinking you may get bored of a 250

    buy what fits, the power is going to be roughly the same right across the board no matter what you get, not enough difference to worry about between the bikes that do fall into the lams catergory
  15. ok, I just bought an ER-5 about 3 months ago.

    I got it for $1800 when they normally go for at least double that so my example isn't the most mint condition you will find. Its also a 1997 model so its an import, basically its the same bike as the aus delivered ones. I had to fix a few small things up on it but other than that its a really easy bike to ride. Even my girlfriend who is only fairly small about 165cm can ride it easily as a first bike. I also have a bit of fun on it and its great having a little extra torque down low making it possible to pull out of corners in the wrong gear (as a learner does occasionally :grin: ) from as low as 1500rpm, it also has fairly comfortable and upright seating position and its fun blowing away this guy I know on his hyosung 2fiddy who thinks its the bees knees!

    Basically you wont pull the chicks with it, but you will have some fun and learn the basics of riding.
  16. Just talk to a mechanic on why drum brakes are bad. Theres a reason why they haven't been put in new cars for years.

    I didnt realise pulling chicks was part of deciding what bike to buy....
    "Jump on the back baby! Oh wait, im still on my P's can't pillion you home. Take the bus" :p
  17. Drum brakes have many advantages. Some quality new cars do use them.

    A rear drum is easily powerfull enough to lock up the rear, and from experience they provide enough progression and feel. Nothing wrong with a rear drum.
  18. Only a little thing called Brake_fade
  19. If you're using the back brake that much on a light 500cc bike then there's something seriously wrong with your riding style. If anything a drum brake on a learner bike is actually an advantage, since it reduces the chances of locking the rear.