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How do you guys keep up with all the posts?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. I log on tonight to find 70 threads with new goodies inside....... Looks like I will be here for the next 2 hours catching up :shock::shock::shock: .

    I wish I could access the site from work,[homer voice on] lousy firewall [/Homer voice off] :cry:
  2. Sleep deprivation
  3. Just check the "posts sinse last visit" and read/answer those that interest you.

  4. Simple....i don't.

  5. I just read the most resent post and only post in the ones that I can or feel that I can make a contribution to in a positive way.
    Although I do agree sometimes I log on and go OMG there's sooo much to read LOL
    Lisa :D
  6. I'm probably thick, but where do I find the "Posts since last visit" button?
  7. On the forums index page near the top of the page, where it say's "hello" to you :) There's a line that reads...

    There are: xxx new messages | xx new topics ....
    The xx number of posts are hyperlinked and take you to the search page returning the relevant results....

  8. I think anyone with a post count over 100 and they have only been on netrtider for 6 months is unemployed.

    Spending their unemployment benifts on an Internet service Provider and bike services...

    Actually sounds like a good life....
  9. i just look at the ones i'm interested in....
  10. I just do a search for posts with the word "boobs" & go from there........
  11. Excellent.
  12. Ask Tenoq about this one after his recent promotion to Post Whore... i mean Incorrigible Poster.... :p Apparently also having to stay in bed for rest whilst sick (read as in front of the computer!) will make your post count increase at a phenominal rate. :D
  13. I've been a member since the 9th of April but only started posting in early May and I've posted 428 posts.
    I have a job and I have a life!
    What does that say about me???
    (I shudder to think what the answer will be)
  14. 1) Your a post whore (now known as Incorrigible Poster) :p
    2) Your a post whore
    3) The third rule of fight club is do not forget the first two.
    4) Your obviously very opinionated OR informed OR full of pink fluffy stuff
    5) You give more advice than you receive
    6) Your a post whore.

    Now speaking of which... only 9 more posts before i attain that title aswell :D
  15. Guess I shouldn't have asked, eh?
  16. In am not unemployed, but with the amount of posts I do at work I probably should be. 8-[

  17. I've turned a blind eye to the Yamaha Dan only because your posts are good to read . :wink:
  18. Bingo. I ignore most of it cause there is sooooooo much crap posted in here.
  19. All in good humour mate...

    + Karma to you cos i feel sorry for the neg karma bashing you've been getting... seems like the last few threads ive read through you've changed your ways ;)
  20. It's not a problem, really. I know it's a joke.
    I know I'm a junkie and anyone who's been on here for anytime will know I can't resist the opportunity to post!!