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How do you guess the age of a female rider?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by T2, May 5, 2005.

  1. How do you pick the age of a female rider,with a full face helmet and leathers on?

    Any tips? :LOL:

  2. you can tell her age by the way she positions herself on the bike and the way she rides!!
  3. well...you can start by looking for a ULYSSES sticker.. :) that will probabyly give you a ballpark figure :p
  4. run her over in the cage, then look at her license
  5. Q/ Hotstuff.....

    What do you mean by the the position of the rider?
  6. You could always purchase some netrider business cards, place your log in name AND phone number on them, and pass one to her at the next set of lights. She will either join up and refer to you as her "buddy" or give you a call and you could ask her ;)
  7. Hey Deb just read your sig line.......like hindsight makes sense too late :)
  8. :LOL: :LOL: I had to log in to see what it was......

    and yes, you're right :oops:
    but we learn and live ;)
  9. dont bother, wait till you find one with the helmet OFF. you'd be suprised how often my beautiful shining locks attract looks from blokes in cars. and the look on their faces as they notice the hair coming out of the FRONT of the helmet aswell is priceless :LOL:

    man i gotta get back on the road again, this feels almost like reminicing :shock: :cry:
  10. Don't bother....you'll either p^ss her off by guessing too high or disappoint yourself by guessing lower and fiding she's older :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    :D :D :D
  11. The span of her Arse across the seat :LOL:
  12. Look for the wrinkles on her neck.
  13. follow her all the way home
    chicks dig that kind of stuff
  14. we used to do that until they brought in these bloody stalking laws and screwed it up for everyone :LOL:
  15. sigh, they sure made stalkng a lot less acceptable

    Youre ex army tho, so it shouldnt be a problem hiding in the bushes!
  16. the bush's isnt the problem , it when i jump out in my trench coat with nothing underneath and flash that it is the problem :LOL:
    or when i set up the spotties on the window to film they get a bit irratable :LOL:
  17. It's easy - all women are only ever 21 years old :D
  18. Too true. I can remember my mum being 21 for years. Mrs Nodz will be on here 14th annual 21st birthday next year...:LOL:
  19. Um who cares how old they are ?
    If there in control of the bike they must be over 18 at least .....!!!!!

    The question you need to ask is
    A: Are they Attached
    B: If they are attached does that mater :twisted:
  20. simple from the rear,seating position