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How do you get to the Black Spur?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MdMa, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I have been struggling to find proper directions...

    So, how do you get there from Mount Waverley way?!?

  2. So the section from basically Healesville to Narbethong is the "Spur" ?

    And what are these better ways you speak of :-s
  3. Do you know of the Narbethong Pub, Black Spur Inn ???
    Type that in your google maps search - your travels along the Maroondah highway will take you to the infamous, delightful, motorcycle-heaven, which is the Black Spur.

    You may wish to access the Politics Forum section. Unless I'm confusing the Black Spur with another popular riding route, recent riders have posted of heavy police presence in those parts, with fines being issued unwarranted !

    Getting there is NO drama whatsoever but be careful. Even if you ride carefully/within speed limits, you face the possibility of being pulled over. Apart from licence/BAC check, you may find yourself in some grief if your bike has been modified from original/OEM condition, eg fender eliminator/tail-tidy, aftermarket pipe/s etc. Again, for guidance, seek the forums.

    Ride safe buddy.
  4. I do not know of these places, but will punch them up.

    I appreciate the info.

    I will take all the precautions.
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  6. Just follow the columns of overbearing police convoys heading towards Healesville area in the mornings on weekends. Can't miss it.
  7. 2 hr 10 mins.. madness! I like it.

    Whilst your comment is funny, it's a little off putting to hear of all the police activity in the area.

    I guess I will have to see it for myself, whether it the riding pleasure out weighs the police nuisance.
  8. I'm not great with google maps but if you drag a point on lukes' map down to Beaconsfield you'll get another good ride that goes through cockatoo.
  9. don't bother.
    it's been taken over by the Wild Hogs on their metric cruisers these days anyway.
    you take a sports bike up there you"ll get busted by the pigs for doing nothing.
  10. Busted for what exactly?

    If I have done nothing wrong, would could they possibly do to me?
  11. just ride around until you see a moving cop car then follow them as they all seem to be there these days......
  12. I livein the south east so C424 is the road for me...... awesome way to get to healesville

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  14. was up there yesterday and it was swarming. aside from the obvious dont speed etc :p take care!
  15. Awesome road that one, except for the weird bumpy corner exits about 2/3 of the way from Gembrook to LP.
  16. Yep...I was. But they don't deter me. If I want to go there I do. Albeit, alot less nowadays.
    But if you've never been there, you should go.
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  18. Lot"s of police and weekend drivers are killing this road .
    A lot of other good roads to ride in vic