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How Do You Fix Light Scratches On Fairings?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by enforcer, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. There are some light and deep scratches that I've got on my fairing as shown below. I've tried to clean the scratches up as much as possible but it still looks horrible. Some of the scratches are fairly light so does anyone have any ideas/recommondations to remove them?

    I'd rather not respray it because the stickers will probably end up costing more.




  2. If you find a good cheap way to repair those, i would like to know.

    Mine aren't as bad as that though. Ouch!
  3. I hate to ruin your weekend, but you is gonna have to paint it :(
  4. shit loads of stickers-- ya seen my bike it works!!!! :p
  5. Paint it, the stickers will cost about $30. The paint will cost somewhat more.
  6. I'm wanting more to minimize the amount of scratches by getting rid of the lighter scratches rather then fixing it completely. I don't want to spend too much on the repair since it's just the fairing and I'll be upgrading in just over five months.
  7. So forget about it. If it's just the scratches and you can explain how it happened, it'll make no difference to the resale. :wink:
  8. Just polish it, mate.
    Ive had similar types of scratches, and you wouldnt believe what a good cut and polish will do!

    Ive got some Kitten no2 cut and polish, I think, and its for 'rejuvenating older, worn and scratched panels'. Just trust me - if you polish those scratches then the only ones you will have left that can be seen are the ones that actually scratch the ABS plastic underneath.
    Im in the same position - a few scratches from a silly slide that Im too cheap to repair because I want to sell it soon.

    And a quality cut and polish was the answer. Plus, you get to run your hands over her! Bonus! :wink:
  9. yeah i second the cut n polish.
    Then give it a coat of sealer and glaze, hides scratches really well, especially smaller ones.

    If you dont mind spending the $$$ Maguires is by far the best product to use. Ive tried heaps, autoglym, mothers, kitten, turtle, eagle1 etc.

    So far im sticking to the maguires, its magic.
  10. All in favor of the 'cut n polish' say "I"...

  11. Yep go the cut and polish and Maguires is a very good product.