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How Do You Eat Your Pizza?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Lazy Libran, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Hands is the way to go!

  2. Hands? No way, Always use cutlery.

  3. I HATE pizza.

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  4. I prefer wood-fired Pizza over gas oven Pizza.

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  1. I've thought about this a few times. I eat with my hands and rarely ever use a knife & fork.

    At home or at a restaurant, using my hands to pick the pizza slice, tear it away from the other slices & munching away is what I like. I rarely add tomato sauce or any other sauces as well.

    I've seen numerous other people using knives & fork to cut, slice and eat and personally I feel that cutlery and pizza just don't go together. Somethings are not meant to be eaten with knives, fork etc. and I personally feel Pizza is one of them.

    So - how do you prefer eating Pizza's? Do you use any extra sauce/s? Or You dont like Pizza at all.

    Obviously - If done right, Pizza is one of those delicacies that always bring a smile to my face. And using hands makes it taste even better. Yum!

  2. I hardly ever eat pizza, but when I do it's with a fork'n'knife. ;)
  3. :) For me it's a weekly thing. Once on the weekend, end up getting takeaway or eating at a restaurant. Always love a properly done Pizza.
  4. I usually use my mouth to eat pizza's but each to their own I guess.
  5. You need one of these:
  6. I usually use the hands to handle the pizza, however if I have managed to get my hands dirty and there is no place to wash them, I will use knife and fork.
  7. Lol!
    I'm eating pizza right now; with my hands.
  8. Oh, and as for your question; I usually work the basis that if the napkins and/or tablecloth in a place is made of paper then using hands is fine. If they're made of linen then use a knife and fork, especially if there's items other than pizza on the menu.

    I hate being at a quality Italian restaurant and having someone on the next table (or in some cases the same table ;)) up to their elbows in Pizza grease - and with a napkin that looks like forensic evidence in a murder trial. Though still not as bad as those people who cut up long pasta (ie spaghetti) with a knife.
  9. Wildly variable depending on the type of pizza.

    NY style: Fold in half lengthwise, eat with hands.
    Most places: Eat with hands
    Chicago-style: Knife and fork
  10. Also screw you now I want pizza
  11. The wogs don't use cutlery, so neither to i.

    Bloody westerners love butchering things...I went to Yum Cha yesterday and i was one of the only westerners (not many there though) that was using chop sticks!
  12. With reckless abandon
  13. What people think they look like when they eat with their hands

    What they actually look like
  14. Pizza. yum.

    I went to a pizza making lesson with Theo Kalagorakos, three times world pizza making champion. I learnt a lot from him.

    My best recent pizza was: Base with tomato paste, fresh herbs from the garden, mozzerella, prosciutto, onion, and pre-baked rabbit. Topped with goats curd after it has been cooked.

    And we only bought the flour, yeast and prosciutto. Cheeses came from a neighbour. Every thing else freshly grown or shot.
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    Last edited: Nov 7, 2012
    :D I went to a wood-fire pizza place (tried that restaurant for the first time) last night and man, was it good. Just the way, I like it. Irregular shaped, very slightly charred in bits & places (just the way it should be), awesome crust, awesome smelling olive oil, just the right amount of cheese and the perfect toppings. I had the Calabrese, FYI.

    Even the entree garlic pizza was taken to a different level. Service was slow as it was packed but worth it. Expensive to eat there but take-away prices are not too bad. Now this coming weekend will be a Pizza night as well. YUM!

    That sounds like a mean Pizza, middo. Looks like I might to have get into Pizza making as well.

    Did you make it in the standard home gas oven or do you have a wood-fired oven set up in the backyard?

  16. Here is a picture of all the shits I give about how people look at me when I live my life:


  17. I never doubted your style, MM. :p
  18. There is only one pizza, the rest are interpretations.
    Depending on environtment, knife & fork or fold it and use hands.
    If you want a real pizza experience, D.O.C in Carlton or Mornington are the real deal, there are a couple more around but aren't quite as traditional.
  19. F*ck it, I'm getting pizza tonight!!! Pricks!
  20. Their website makes me want to firebomb a creche. If it takes more than 30 seconds to show me a menu, they've lost me as a customer.

    Anyway, people who look down on the many types of pizza are missing out. I tend to make my own a fair bit because there's nowhere anywhere in Australia as far as I can tell that can do a proper chicago-style deep dish, for example. NY style isn't common, either, but I don't have the right type of oven to make that.