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How do you dry your gear at work?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jabba, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. I use this very expensive yet effective clothes dryer by IBM.

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  2. It's a couple of Cisco 6500 and a Cisco a Nexus for me.
    Just turn off the air con in the Comms room and your gear is dry in about 15 mins
    Boss hates the high temp email though.......
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  3. and if it's dripping just keep it away from the moisture sensors lol!
  4. Well there's a freeze drier in my lab which I spend the day next to which will suck the moisture out in a vacuum at -100C. Haven't been game to use that on the gear. I could whack it in the desicating oven but that smells like resin and fish.

    I just hang it like a peasent.
  5. Peasent method for me too.
  6. Merchant class coat rack. Just for two wheeled transport types, so probably get us jailed in Qld.

    Jabba I hope you didn't go commando that day.
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  7. Our locker cabinets are in the server room so I've used similar drying methods as well....

  8. Wow, how expensive is that chair?
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  9. I'll never tell!

    A couple of grand. Again, putting our resources to good use!
  10. Wow, if I tried to dry my gear in the DC. My boss' boss - who rides as well, would string me up by the balls.
  11. Hahahaah... Years ago I worked in an environment that had rows of cabinets stacked 40-deep with SunFire x2100's that could dry a soaked-through jacket in about 3 minutes 8)
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  12. That's why you have to hide it. Walk in with your gear on, walk out in your jocks... people will be none the wiser.
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  13. I'm so glad we have more than one clothes dryer.
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  14. I'd be shot and then fired if I did that at work....let me ask the infra guy.....no he'd use an axe on my face.
  15. Yes. Just hang it and if you have a fan of some sort point it to the gear and it will be dry before you know it ;-)
  16. Oh my god

    Wet aisle, dry aisle.

    I don't think moisture and datacentres are a great match somehow.
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  17. Lol it's so warm in there moisture isn't a problem. As long as i don't take them in there dripping of course.
  18. I use the good old Air con vent and a fan for my Gloves and just hang the rest of the gear
  19. I used to put my gloves on top of the small water heater/chiller that lived under the kitchen bench. It was only about 400mm square. One day one of the other bikers saw them there and after that I had to fight for space with all the other riders.
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  20. P570?