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How do you do the Nod?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Brmmm, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Straight up and down

    47 vote(s)
  2. A bit sideways, I'm cool!

    42 vote(s)
  3. I ride a Harley

    6 vote(s)
  1. Well, it seems its the season for threads dedicated to the nod. So this is my contribution.

  2. I hokey Pokey.
  3. I twist it like a confused dog. Namely because I am sometimes not sure if someone is nodding me, or going over a bump 8-[
  4. ohhh John, put the flame suit on
  5. yeah I gotta lay off the peronis now
  6. Nah, the wording of the poll makes it a bit more fun than the usual "why don't HD's/scooters/coppers/posties nod back" shite.
    And in that vein, I like to stand up on the pegs, roll both hands over each other like an 80's dance move, and then finish with a 2-handed point at the other rider.
    Like, "This one's for YOU, man!"
  7. I saw someone do "duffman is thrusting" once...

    I nearly laughed myself to the gutter.
  8. One time travelling up the highway between Beaudesert and Warwick I came up to two oncoming bikes.
    First was a black R1, nodded as he went by as to be expected.
    Second bike appeared to have slowed down a lot, almost stopping and just as I got closer he jumped up onto his rear wheel, feet out either side off the pegs and sped off past me. First time I'd seen an RC51 in person, and haven't seen another since.

    ..Should Buell owners tick the harley box?
  9. I use my ass.
  10. I dont not to any cruiser riders, they never EVER* nod back.

    * im sure there are exceptions, but living right near a busy biker road and seeing them regularly, its a pretty damn accurate observation.

    I dont not to anyone looking like a poser because they think they are too good to nod back.

    I nod to everything else really... i especially love nodding to scooters despite the fact they are the bottom feeders of the food chain, simply because they are so happy to be acknowledged by anyone on a motorcycle that they tend to wave excitedly and wobble some, nearly falling off. Provides a moments amusement.

  11. OK OK OK in defence of cruiser riders, (well some of them) I nod like one of those cheap plastic nodding dogs that grandma had in the back of her Cortina, but I don't nod at cruiser riders if they have one of those gay skull masks, or ape hangers .. I don't bother with posers. Same goes for Power Rangers on sports bikes, these guys are way to busy looking at their reflection in shop windows to nod at anybody..
  12. Hey, we got one! Now, own up, who is the Harley rider? :D
  13. Does having a down payent on one count :p
  14. Where's the option for "I'm an uncoordinated newb who's concentrating too much on not getting killed to attempt a multitasking nod"?
  15. Yeah, I nod at everyone and am so happy to get one back. Most of the time I don't get a nod back, probably because I ride a girls bike.
  16. I'm with devochka.
  17. This thread is coming dangerously close to being one of "those" nodding threads.
    Personally, I blame Lilley's ass...
  18. .... On a recent Sat morning, the other half and I were riding towards Sydney on the M4 (Him on R1, me on the 600). I saw a biker type on a cruiser catching us up on our right hand lane.

    I was waiting for him to blast passed us.... but I was aware that he was slowing to my right!... I turned my head and saw this grinning face with a BIG thumbs up!!.... thought that was really nice of him!!

    I gave my usual sideways sort of nod... :)
  19. Thats probably a correct observation Messy, i mean, i ride a cruiser and i noD to everyone and they all Nod back even the HD riders, ill ride past an wntire group n most will nod or wave to me, but yano, if i saw you, i wouldnt NoD to ya , i dont want your observation of cruiser riders to be put out of joint :p

  20. Hey I resemble that remark ;)

    One day I hope to get the cool type of nod happening, until then I'm pretty much stuck with the short sharp up and down that could be mistaken for just hitting abump in the road.

    I'm not even sure if you're allowed to do the cool nod while on Ls or Ps. Sort of a safety measure like not being able to use any part of mobile phone, zero BAC, and no pillions.