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How do you do it???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by the_beast, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. i live in Canberra and as such i can do the posted speed limit on my l's, what i want to know is how do people on their l's in nsw/vic ride on the highways and stuff at 80 ??? I went for a ride into nsw on saturday got pulled over by a cop for doing 100 in a 100 zone and when he said " you are just a learner you should only be going 80 " i said that i was from caanberra and he let me go with out saying anything else which was awesome cause i could tell he wanted to give me a ticket, so yeah how do you do it ????

  2. In vic you can do the posted limit regardless if your a learner or not.
  3. I'm in two minds about the speed restrictions for L and P platers in NSW.

    (I got my car license in NSW; got my bike license in VIC.)

    People who've been operating a vehicle for just a few months proooobably shouldn't be zooming around at 110kph. At those speeds you're covering 30 metres every second and braking distances are long. Braking distances are a lot longer than at 80kph.

    On the other hand, it means that when a Learner or Provisional uses a freeway (or worse still, a one-lane highway in the middle of the christmas holidays when there's 30 times the normal traffic), there's a massive difference in speed, which causes congestion, increases stress, and makes people perform risky overtaking maneuvers to get past the rolling roadblock. This is dangerous.

    Sooooooooo, there's two solutions really - ditch the speed restriction, or do something like QLD, where underpowered scooters which can't do the speed limit are banned from motorways. :-k
  4. If I remember correctly learners (of any kind, car or motocycle) are not permitted on UK motorways. Perhaps that would be the way to go here?
  5. problem is in the nsw the passed a legaslation in 2006 saying that when a L plater from another state crosses the nsw border, they have to adhere to nsw L plater laws, the biggest problem is not all police offers know at it, so some times you will get away with sticking to the posted limits, other times, the officer can you ream you out

    the act mra help a protest ride from canberra to cooma with 100+ bikes sitting on 80km/h it pissed everyone off that weekend, but was nothing but white noise, nothing ever came of it
  6. so if you're p's and on highway you are to do 90 not 110?
  7. (Edit: For a NSW learner/provisional) When you are on L's, your maximum speed is 80kph (or the posted speed limit, whichever is lower).

    P1 Red P's = 90kph (or the posted speed limit, whichever is lower).

    P2 Green P's = 100kph (or the posted speed limit, whichever is lower).

    Black/silver/gold license = posted speed limit.
  8. :? So Victorians legally riding say an RGV250 had to leave their bike at the border and walk?
    The 80kph limit certainly didn't apply for p-plate drivers crossing the border - that's why NSW always had a red P on white to distinguish from Victorian cars with the white P on red. Similarly 17 year old SA p-platers weren't arrested for being underage if they drove in NSW or VIC.
  9. HOWEVER, they DO prefer you to do a little over 4 km OVER the limit here.
    It's ALL about revenue raising in VIC :roll:
  10. Oh and the problem with lower speed limits, or even banning learners from highways, is that not everyone lives in the city.
    Going to be pretty hard for a learner in a country town to improve their skills if they're limited to just riding up and down the (only) bit of 60kph road through the centre of town, and doing 80 on a single lane highway is bordering on suicidal in some areas. Sure braking distance might be reduced at 100 - but the ability of a fully-loaded b-double to slow from 100 to 80 isn't that great either.
  11. they should be taught when learning to maintain a safe breaking distance then any posted speed limit should be fine
  12. This is car only.. bike P's are only 1 year and are red.

    In regards to 110 zones.. I've done it 4 times (110 zone only being allowed to ride 80). It's kinda dangerous, as anyone who sees an L plate immediately tries to overtake it, even the times that I was doing 110 anyway. (because they know we're not allowed to do the limit).

    It's hard to judge if it would be safer if we did the speed limit at that skill level, or continued to be restricted and overtaken by every car that spots that yellow/red plate on the back.
  13. And we were all taught not to crash too but I guess most of us have failed that one at some stage and those that havent yet most likely will one day.
  14. Wasn’t it a South Australian piece of research that showed that a discrepancy of 5kph between a given vehicle and its surrounding traffic increased the accident risk by some silly amount… It showed that speed wasn’t the problem but discrepancy in speed was.
    Personally I think it is really stupid legislation (Especially as has been pointed out in country areas where you have a lot of single lane 100kph roads.)
  15. I guess they just live with it. I, too, find it hard to stay at 80 over the border. Especially that first big ride we did a few weeks back :-w
  16. I think everyone found it hard to stay at 100km/h :p :grin:
  17. If you have your ACT L's you must adhere to the 80kph speed limit whilst in NSW. It's stupid that you can sit on 100kph perfectly safely on your way down the monaro Hwy then cross the border to NSW and can only do 80.

    Most retarded rule for learners in the ACT :!: Good work NSW gov :roll:
  18. although i live in the police state of victoria and also live in a rural area i see where you are coming from i have done the same thing (doing the posted speed limit if not 10 more ) going to mildura through Euston and personally if i get caught i will just plead sorry officer i didnt no officer, wont happen again and if the book me ill just say oh well bad luck and wear it and carry on.

    But personally it is bull if you live in say Victoria and cross the boreder as it is easy to do where i live you should be under your own state rules and also they should have the same laws for everyone state would make it so much easier

    My 2 cents
  19. nice one, well the cop that pulled me up thankfully difn't know about this rule!!

    four40 i found it hard to stay under 110 on that ride :p but oh well

    i think that all states and terroitories should stay the same post limit for learners is fine !!!
  20. Got my p's in qld and I never had a problem with 110 during the first few months of learners, I thought it was a joke when someone told me p platers couldn't do it - Got my opens in nt and p platers there had no problem going high 100's on the highways before it was illegal - It seriously blows my mind that people are limited like this. :shock: