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How do you decide what is right and wrong?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VC, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. A bit of a venture into philosophy here... have been thinking about this question and thought I'd ask the wider world...

    Just genuinely interested in what people think.

    (Of course, this is not an opportunity for us to have a go at what others think... just a chance to hear from each of us who have a right to think whatever we think).

    Looking forward to reading responses from those interested.
  2. i'm right, everyone else is wrong. unless they have nice boobs, then i do what i'm told :grin:
  3. Common Sense :wink:
  4. Gold! :rofl:

    I subscribe to the following theory often, but not always:

    "Everyone else is a wanker, unless they prove otherwise" :LOL:
  5. i'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.
  6. Christian theology says that man was created perfect, but rebelled against God and lost his relationship with God as a consequence.

    However, man does have a conscience, which the Apostle Paul says in Romans chapter one, is a 'hangover' from the days of that relationship, and which, along with the clear evidence of God's hand in creation, is there to show us right and wrong and lead us back to God.

    My observation and personal belief is that there is no human being who is without conscience, and, barring those whose mental faculties are damaged by birth or subsequent disease or injury, no human being who does NOT know the difference between right and wrong. Paul says that because of the universality of conscience, man is "without excuse"; I agree (needless to say)
  7. Superintendant Chalmers "Good God....religion has no place in public schools"
  8. Right and wrong is a construct of our education.

    Whithout parents, teachers, peers and, dare I say it, TV telling us what was right and wrong we would decend into a pitiful state of affairs barely removed from that of pack animals.
  9. I carry a special coin with me.
    Any descision that needs to be made, can be made by the coin.

    I hope I never lose that coin, or some caped crusader doesn't throw a handful of coins in the air while I am tossing the special one. I'd be screwed.
  10. I reckon that Right and Wrong are defined by education, social expectations and our own common (or not so common) sense.

    Remember other cultures have a very different view of right and wrong from us. In some places it's ok to do "X" but here it is not, hence why I feel that it comes down to education (learning) not a in-built infallible moral compass.

    :( Sorry Hornet I'd like to think that deep down everyone knows right from wrong but there is just too many countries that are really messed up and they seem to teach their kids that its ok.
  11. how do you decide between your right or left? how do you decide which one is up or down? or front or back? :wink:

    seriously, you need to have a basis or reference first otherwise there is no direction on what you want to do or choose.
  12. I have dicussed this with a friend of mine recently, he was asking me if what he was doing at the time was 'the wrong thing to do'.
    It was definatly a grey area of general morality, but the point came to this:
    The only thing I could add to that is:
    And if you are ever in doubt about a previous action then remember:
    Follow these three simple rules, and dont be scared to do what others think are 'wrong thing' and you will have no problems.

    /* exit philosophy mode */

    There is exceptions of course :grin: :grin:
  13. I think you hit the nail on the head, I'm sure the Nazis,slave owners (the list goes on) thought they where doing right becuase of there society at the time.
  14. all very well Paul, but how does this help you give the 'right' answer to "does my bum look big in this?".

    s!*t egiste. nice piece of philosophising. beautifully said. if you're ever out of a job, there's a corner at Hyde Park waiting for you.

    fair call, i get the point(s). silicone (sp? - at least i have blonde credentials) is the answer to becoming right about everything.
  15. Just listen to the Voices :shock: :wink:
  16. so god farked up then? :LOL:

    either he buggerred up in making man, because if man was perfect, he wouldn't have rebelled. or he had a few too many down at the local and got to bragging which made it into the bible and he's now shaking his head and thinking "that was utter crap, i cant beleive i said that" :LOL: :LOL:

    and carri... boobs are the answer to all of lifes problems. the sooner everyone understands this, the sooner i can become president of the world and make sure everone has nice boobs :grin: .... YAY BOOBS!!
  17. Boobs, like beer, the cause and the solution to all of life's problems. Sure it may be what the boobs are actually attached to but still...boobs.


  18. People grow to a certain degree to something like Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development.

    Most of the pyschologists theories are like this one.

    The problem is most people get stuck at Stage 1.
  19. I can appreciate that, in some sense, deciding between right and wrong is a product of our culture... but across the world, there are some things that are a 'given' (though I'm sure someone is going to say otherwise! :)) and transcends culture...

    For instance, is there any culture in the world where lying is right? (Let alone the nastier 'vices')... and even if the culture said so, would it make it 'right'?

    There seems to be a standard set of 'right and wrong' actions?
  20. Every culture. If your wife or GF asks if her bum looks big in something your going to lie :butt: