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How do you deal with mobile phone drivers?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grey Gentry, May 18, 2007.

  1. Yesterday in a car park I tooted a driver using a mobile in a trade vehicle (Signage on side). On waving my finger at him, he just took his other hand off the steering wheel and he gave me the bird.
    His contempt of the law seems the problem..it seemed he just doesn't care.

    Should I report the incident to the police, and if I do will they do anything?
    Or/and report the company to Worksafe for allowing unsafe work practices?

    Your thoughts and comments welcome.

  2. Cops won't give a toss unless they see it.
    Worksafe inspectors on the other hand can be utter bastards!
  3. I'll usually get off my bike and smack em out.. I always keep a chain handy for phone talkers..

    Seriously, I'll just stay away from them. If I'm in the car I won't care, I'll just drive. I'll either back off or accelerate away in the bike.

    I see billions of people doing this all the time.

    Reporting it to the cops will do SFA, same with the Workcover thing or even reporting it to the company. Just suck it up.

    People not indicating is my pet hate..
  4. I get up beside them when they are stuck in traffic, clutch in and rev. The twin is a good indicator of my distaste for that behaviour
  5. Yep i also give the bike a really good rev doesnt do much but its entertaining :grin:
  6. #6 smee, May 18, 2007
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    Actually revving a loud twin works wonders.
    One tosser dropped his phone in shock when I split past and revved out right near his ear as he had the window wound down.
    Another had to wind up her window and looked decidedly inconvenienced.
    After I screamed at her to get off her fcuking phone she finally complied.
  7. Thing is, it doesn't make them drive any differently, they'd still be distracted by something else if they didnt have the phone. I've seen too many people driving like morons without a phone.........

    Regards, ANdrew.
  8. hear hear....

    Its that bubble of metal and glass that imbues some magical power on 90% of drivers... the power of " i dont need to give a sh!t ". If they gave a damn about the saftey of others they would be aware on the roads...

    I said it to auscruser at CC's tonight I am a firm believer in good wholesome negative reinforcment old style. If you caught or recive a number of complaints / fines you get given a scare tactic seminar on the death mortality rates for motorcycles with images because of inattentive drivers. This is then folowed by a compulsory scare ride through the city at peak hour by one of the motorcycle police on an unmarked bike wearing a helmet for saftey shirt, shorts and thongs to show how naked and vunerable you are without the damn steel cage.

    once bitten twice shy.
  9. Re: [VIC] How do you deal with Mobile Phone Drivers?

    I don't actively look for MPDs, but I do actively watch what other drivers are doing.
    It's a part of driving/riding defensively. Know thy enemy.

    But I agree it is disturbing the number that do it. (And this is out in the country).

    Have not seen an any of the TV ads regarding distraction up here either yet.
  10. Unless they are putting me at risk, I don't bother, there's just too many.
    If I get cut off by one, that's different.
    Pull up alongside and belt HARD on the window (hard kevlar knuckle protectors do come in handy) yelling at them to get the F*CK off the phone does the trick.
  11. well, i'd like to say that i do what me ol' mate george likes to do from time to time.

    however, i don't.

    i just shake my head sometimes and move well away.
  12. If you are prepared to give a signed statement to police on what you saw and are prepared to go to court, then the police will issue an infringement notice to the driver.
    If you aren't prepared to do the above, then the police will do nothing.
  13. Tried that and no they wont,after insisting on lodging a complaint i was told that they have to witness the offence :twisted:
  14. Saw the first TAC distraction ad last night - the first bit showed some clown changing CDs almost running a motorcycle off the road. They do look promising.

    I didn't see the whole ad though - I was distracted... :LOL:
  15. Dealing with it!!

    How many times have I seen teenage girls driving with 'p' plates brazenly on the mobile handling the vehicle like paris hilton! :roll:
    Forget the spur and aurthur's seat road. Have done more counter steering that ever to get away from them.

    When voicing my displeasure by horn and first shake, all I usually receive is an extended middle finger with the 'whatever' head slant!

    Solution, we all should have micro helmet cams to record our journeys and everyday, flood vic pol. and vic roads and the media with all the footage! or drivers thier great skills and licence plate numbers.

    Also lodge formal complaints (if you have the time).

    This morning I rode in and counted 20+ drivers on the mobile (non-hands free!).

    Thats my rant! :grin:
  16. When I pull up beside someone who is on their mobile at the traffic lights I turn my head in their direction and just keep staring at them. As they sense me staring at them, they often put the phone down.

    I cruised up beside a guy on his mobile on the Eastern Freeway the other day. I kept turning my head to look at him. He put the phone down and moved into another lane.....

    Take their photos and post them up somewhere on the web..... We need to shame them to death - beacuse enforcement certainly aint working IMHO.
  17. Re: Dealing with it!!

    Why not just pick any intersection? Stand there with a camera with a good telephoto lens (or any digital camera for tha matter), you would probably end up getting dozens every hour..... You don't need to be on your bike to get a good photo of the offenders....
  18. When i had the TLR with full race system and airbox mods, that should speak for itself :)

    Specially sitting right next to the drivers door.. The R1 has the same affect, but instead of a low grumble, it is high revving engine.. I find it fun when they get annoyed :)
  19. A useful tool is a Stebel Nautilus airhorn. From memory they're about 130dB. That's loud enough to make a bike sound like something much bigger than it is. They're a great replacement for your bikes more-often-than-not totally useless OEM horn. I can't seem to get a picture in here "invalid image file" even though it's a .jpg and only 46kb....
  20. Of course if it's a company or tradie with a contact phone number on the side - make a note of it and ring and abuse them (make sure you have your phone set to not transmit your number though).