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How do you commute?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kryt, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. so i travel by train about 45 or so mins to work each way, work is like 2 mins from station im thinking of riding 5 mins to station each morning and leaving bike there, should i buy a pannier for my helmet or just fit it into my bag.
    thoughts/alternatives? also how far are you guys riding.

    im bored:p

  2. Ride the bike to work!
  3. +1

    I do a 30km trip to work every day
  4. +2..I always ride to work..30 odd kms each way, I find it's great to psych up for work or unwind.I always say,no matter if you are going to have a crappy day or have had a crappy day, at least the ride to and from is fun.
  5. Begrudgingly. You?
  6. Exactly.

    I would never leave my bike at a train station all day either
  7. Me its about 120km a day commuting.
    Since work are sending me to Gladstone soon for a while, i better find something faster then my bike... apparently the shortest route is 1271km... bit much for a commute :p.
  8. i gotta ask, why would you own the best commuter transport and not use it?
    i only go about 10km to work, always find an excuse to ride even if i need the car after work
  9. ride everywhere everyday
  10. my main route is via the M5 in sydney but i heard its ****in horrible in mornings and im only on my L's
  11. 40 minute round trip to work each day. I travel up busy Burke rd in Glen Iris every morning and afternoon in peak hour and thank f&%k I have a bike cause' the cars seriously back up at the train crossing both times. God bless filtering to the front of massive traffic cues.
  12. Are you taking the piss? :rofl:
  13. 3 days a week it's the bike. Due to affiliation with an animal charity I have to commute with a cat twice a week, if I could find a way to put him or her on the bike, it'd be 5 days a week. 50km's each way, fairly minimal traffic. Find I'm much less stressed on both arrival at work and at home on days I take the bike.
  14. About 15km each way for work, plus general getting about - all on the bike unless I have to carry something large (such as my bass), in which case it's my car.
  15. Everyday on the guzzi. 14k round trip rain or shine. When time permits 14ks gets extended to 100k+.

    Why catch the train when have a bike? I don't care how close to the station you are...
  16. I used to ride scooter, then it fell to bits so caught the train for a few years. Then got this shits with the train one day cause I had 3 schooners at the pub and train stopped for 1 hour between stations. Almost kicked out a train window that day. Went out next week and bought another scooter, 250cc this time. Discovered that riding through mountains was fun so decidided to buy motorcyclye. Wife bought me a GS500, said I would still ride the scooter to work, but have only ridden the scooter to work once since. That must have been a good 4-5 months ago now.

    Ride the GS everyday now. Trains in brisbane are a joke now, always late, always overcrowded. My daily 1 hour commute each way is now a 22 minute ride, door to door. I literally park about 5 cm from the back door to my building (unless some other bugger gets my spot first!)
  17. sadly, in a car.

    doing an apprenticeship, so need to carry tools etc till i get a work vehicle... id love to commute on a bike every day. i did for a while earlier in the year till i killed my bike, but now with extra stuff i need to carry, not feasible :(
  18. Since my accident, I've ridden to the station once.

    Otherwise, every other day I've had to get a lift with brother in to station and catch train in (hand is too bad for riding atm for 1 hr in traffic each way).

    Prior to accident, I rode in every day 80 k's all up each day.
  19. Cat box strapped to the pillion. MrsB and I have done this in an emergency, but I'd suggest not feeding the cat for the preceding 24 hours though :D.
  20. Yeah, I'd put the cat in his kitty cage on back of bike before. He was completely okay :) He gave me lots of kisses afterwards