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How do you clean yours?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Conorkc, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. So, riding home in the Rain, Hail, Fog, Thunder and Lightening of last Monday left my riding gear soaking wet. Try as I might I couldn't get my gear dried (Rain all week). So today I pop on my helmet to ride into work and my helmet absolutely stinks, so do my gloves.

    So this fact made me wonder, what is the best way to clean my helmet and gloves.
    I have removable liners so I have popped them into the washing machine on hand wash. The gloves have me stumped though, they were such a pain to dry, what is the best way to clean leather gloves?

    So what is your preferred way to keep your riding gear clean?

  2. Don't worry, you get used to the smell after a while
  3. Much the same as my appartment then :p
  4. If you can afford it, buy two helmets, gloves, boots etc.
    Most people start off with low/medium quality kit then upgrade as they progress in their riding careers.

    When it rains for days and days and days (thanks Tony Abbott!) get into a cycle of rotating and cleaning your kit.
  5. That's a pretty fancy washing machine you got there if it does hand wash. I wouldn't mind one of those, lots of my gear seems to be hand wash only.

    Sorry I don't have anything useful to say. Once you've been here a bit longer you will get used to that from this forum, I guess.
  6. Pfft, hand wash. I haven't hand washed anything in years. Just use a gentle machine cycle.
  7. To dry it just go for a ride. Will dry your things 10x faster then any other way
  8. Put a drop of tee-tree oil in each glove - it's a natural antibacterial and odour neutraliser.

    Done and done
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  9. @BitSar@BitSar Thanks for the tip, I love the smell of Tea Tree. I just seen your blog there, enjoing the read. I am thinking of trading up to an ER6. How did you find it?
  10. Great intermediate bike. Makes you work for the reward. It taught me a hell of a lot.
  11. I am extremely lucky - my workplace has installed drying cupboards and I can put all my gear, boots and all in there and they are bone dry in 2 hours.

    Great if it rains on the way to work; not so great if it rains on the way home though. Have two pairs of gloves, 2 jackets, waterprrof (ish) boots and goretex trousers so not too bad. Helmet is quite smelly though (motorbike helmet)
  12. @cb600@cb600 I found out last week we have something similar at work also. Will be taking full advantage of it :) I will put a few sprays of Glen 20/Febreeze in my helmet to keep it fresh.
  13. I usually dry my gear over the heater duct when it's cold ready for the next morning, with the helmet smell I wash it with a little detergent like comfort etc and when it dries there is no more smell.
  14. Hanger + fan
  15. Wash your helmet liner/s in a wash bag on gentle - it will last longer and get less beat up.
  16. For my helmet, it has a removable washable liner, on gentle cycle in a washing bag. For my Jackets, dry cleaners (Don't put both jackets in at the same time, otherwise you won't have something ti ride in unless you have more jackets). My jeans are Kevlar lined so they go in the wash. Leather riding pants go to dry cleaners. My boots of gloves haven't been smelly yet, so I haven't had to clean them.
  17. If you're regularly riding in the rain, get a good wet weather kit including waterproof glove covers.
  18. Pending on the climate and precipitation, I go from rashy to spring suit to steamer under my Tshirt these days.
    Rip your removable liner out and throw it in the dryer on light heat when you get home and make sure your visor is up when you put your helmet in the beer fridge.
    Thongs dry in no time, but in my old age I have bought two pairs of runners for safety
  19. Safety fag.
  20. Every time I hear of someone riding in thongs, I think of this bloke I saw riding to work one morning last winter. Full face helmet, big think jacket (Fluro), big thick loves, shorts and thongs. Checked the climate control in the car, 2 degrees celcius outside. I guess no brain, no pain.