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How do you clean your gear?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Arnas, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Hey,
    I've been riding for few weeks now no matter if its hot or rainy motorcycle is my only means of transportation to and off work. Just for purpose of remaining clean and hygienic I was wondering what's your preferred method of cleaning your gear.

    My current gear:

    Shoei NXR helmet - I know it has removable liner wish I could probably hand wash with a little baby shampoo and hot water and then let it dry naturally or can I just chuck into washing machine/ dryer and forget about it?

    Dainese City Guard mesh jacket - for those who don't know its full mesh jacket with all armor that's removable. I Guess I should do the same as with helmet parts just dump it in warm water and then hang it on the wall for it to dry ?

    Alpine Star leather pants - This one is tricky for me because actually have no idea where to start. I normally wear Skins before jumping in them so they don't really absorb sweat into them directly, but perhaps I should still clean it eventually ?

    Dainese long boots - Just as any other work boot I'd probably chuck some odor killer stuff in it and hope it works

    Five5 stunt gloves - Summer leather glove with plenty of holes. Once again my guess would be just dump it in hot water and hope it gets cleaned?

    How often do you guys clean your gear?

    Main concern is damaging the gear (shrink or stretch) as usual new rider doing anything for the first time I'm probably over thinking everything and freaking out about nothing.
  2. I rarely 'clean' my gear as such and don't have any issues
    Leather: damp cloth if i've spilled food or some bs on it, otherwise occasional rub down with leather conditioner(do a search on here).
    Synthetic boots: occasional wipe with armour all type product, haven't seen fit to ever put something inside them(breathable lining probably helps).
    Kevlar gear: In the washing machine with the normal washing
    Helmet: might shampoo it once or twice a year in weak solution, mine is pretty well vented and stays dry.
    I haven't owned any other textile gear barring kevlar lined regular clothes.

    Putting leather gloves in hot water(or water in general) is something I'd avoid. Rub leather conditioner into them, wait a few hours and rub the palm and inside of the fingers with a rag so they aren't too slippery.
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  3. I'm in the same boat as NihililNihilil , I rarely clean my gear unless obviously dirty.

    Example: Going for a night ride and coming home to gear covered in dead bugs.

    What i do is grab a face washer and soak it in warm water, i wipe down my jacket removing said bugs and gunk. I then hang it in the laundry on a clothes horse until its dry (30 mins max).
    As i have kevlar jeans , they just go into the washing machine like normal jeans.
    Helmet is mainly cleaned using warm water and then dried off with paper towel.. Comes out like brand new.

    I find that warm water gets rid of most external marks and bugs.

    If you have the issue of sweaty gear then i'd read the label on the garment and do as they say.

  4. Clean? What's clean gear?

    Not sure what u mean, please explain.
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  5. wash gear = Ride in the rain.
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  6. I bought a vintage Mars jacket off the popular online auction site and when it arrived it was a bit smelly.
    As I only had a few bucks invested in it I chucked it in the washing machine on warm wash with spin cycle.
    Treated it with leather conditioner as soon as it dried and it's fine.
    Hasn't shrunk or anything and is no longer smelly.
  7. No risk trying to wash cheap jacket however I'm not feeling confident washing $600 one..
  8. Hey, Arnas. After a long ride I usually wipe out the helmet with one of those antibacterial cleaning wipes you get in a packet from the supermarket. That mesh jacket would have washing instructions on it and I'd bet you can remove the armour and chuck it in the washing machine but you shouldn't need to very often. A toothbrush or small brush is good for getting bugs and debris out of mesh and agree with Jaytee for using wet cloth. I turn my riding pants inside out and hang on the line for a couple of hours. Boots I occasionally spray inside with Glen 20 Fabric Mist or Febreeze; you can also get stuff specifically for shoes. All leather needs conditioning from time to time to keep it supple or it'll eventually go hard and crack.
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  9. ...and these are the guys who actually "clean" their gear. The awful truth is most of us either get new stuff when we are made to, or take pride in the grungy, pongy gear that shouts our credibility to the world.
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  10. Helmet visor - Mr Sheen after nearly every ride
    Helmet lining - wrapped in a t-shirt and thrown in the wash, whenever the smell becomes unbearable (about 18mths for my current helmet)
    Helmet shell - nothing, maybe wipe down excess bugs from the front with the paper towel I used for the visor
    Kevlar jeans - in the wash with other heavy clothes, whenever they get manky
    Textile jackets - armour out, in the wash with other heavy clothes, whenever they get manky
    Leather jackets - Sno-Seal every summer when I can remember (which is hardly ever, it must've been 3yrs since the last time)
    Gloves, boots - nothing, they usually wear out before they need serious cleaning
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  11. Dirty gear is a sign of riding. There is no such thing as dirty road gear!.

    I do use Oakwood leather conditioner on my leather suit. Good stuff absorbs in reasonably well, conditions and waterproofs the leather. It's available from Woolworths and is reasonably priced.

    Gloves, don't really do anything here, except maybe a wipe over with damp cloth.

    Boots, my old Oxtar have never been touched, new AlpineStars get a wipe over ad I think I have used Oakwood on them once.

    Helmet, wipe bugs off with a damp cloth. Inside hasn't been touched in 4 years

    Kevlar jeans have been washed once in about 4 years (or may 5 or 6 years).
  12. I have a pair of leather pants that I bought a replacement pair for because every time I wore them my legs would stink worse than Satan's socks afterwards. I eventually dug them out a few months back and managed (with difficulty) to remove the armour and turn them inside out. Gave them a few goings over with a steam cleaner (ok... I stuck a rubber hose on the end of the coffee machine steam wand but same,same) They ain't perfect but much better than before so I'll give them another blast of steam some time soon and report back. pretty confident of getting them smelling minty fresh eventually.

    I've previously tried Glen20 on them but didn't get any worthwhile results.
  13. I came from living in a wet humid climate and can recommend if you have trouble with mildew to get a bottle of baby oil mix in 1/4 of a teaspoon of oil of cloves and mix. Then just rub it into the leather. I did this a few years back to our jackets and our leather lounge after we were away travelling for six months (leather was in storage) and haven't had to do it again. The baby oil nourishes the leather and the oil of cloves gets rid of mildew. I am about to use the same solution to just give our gear a clean, gear has gotten very dirty after quite a few wet rides :happy:
  14. Oh forgot about the helmet, my other half has always used Mr Sheen, the furniture polish, it removes dead bugs etc and makes the helmet all shinny and new looking.
  15. You can also use KFC towelettes for your helmet!
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  16. how about petrol station water bucket and some tissue paper? lol
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  17. Yeah for visor wiping sure.. I've had to do that on the odd occasion.. Just make sure you pick a bucket that doesn't look too scummy...
  18. Well this is a new Netrider low. A thread on washing your junk.
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  19. Well it happened my helmet and gloves eventually developed unacceptable acrid sweat smell again. Gloves have been done with saddle soap and rinsed with cool water, stretched and left in a cool place to dry, leather conditioner will happen when they're dry. Removed the visor from the helmet and washed it in a tub of cold water with a little dish washing liquid, rinsed and gave it a spin in the washing machine, it didn't fit well enough to wash in there, spinning was workable. Has also been left in a cool place to dry. Update on the leather conditioner front; Oakwood seem to have changed their formula, it still works great but is less smelly now.
  20. My helmet is also Shoei and has removable liners. Worked a treat by putting them in a lingerie bag and adding it to the normal wash. I made sure to dry the liners in the shade - still sunny - just so the padding dries completely. It got rid of the damp smell that had been hanging around for about 3 months. Kevlar jeans also go in the wash.

    With textile jackets, I take the armour out, scrub lots of Vanish or Napisan (whatever was on sale at Woolies at the time) on any persistant looking bug stains and put the jackets on a cold wash.

    I take some kind of pleasure in seeing how many bugs I collect on long rides :]

    That said, I don't clean the gear too often, around once every 3 months.