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How do you clean your bike?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Ninja 250r, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys

    be good to provide some tips and hints on cleaning ur bike?

    so far, i just wash the bike with car wash and rinse off. any special products to increase the look of the bike?

    im currently riding a 09 ninja and the paint is superb hence why i wanna keep it that way!!!


  2. There is a sticky thread at the top of the 'bling and appearance' forum. Well worth a read.
  3. u are doing it right... always use car wash on paint... anything else, like a degreaser or detergent can hurt the clear.... or the anodized alu parts...

    rinse first, u can use high pressure, just not close and not on any electricals, dials, engine looms etc... use a proper wash mit (soft lambswool etc) and use car wash - anything like armorall/kitten would be fine... then rinse off...

    if you run your hand after it and it feels rough and makes a sound, u need to clay bar it... this removes all paint debris and ensures a nice shine... after that you will want to apply a carnauba based wax to protect it and make it shiny! here's a secret.. $10 kitten/turtlewax paste wax will do just as well as anything out there as far as wax based protection, and gives pretty good shiny results...

    for the chain, i use kerosene and a proper chain brush. take off any chain guards and sprocket covers and dislodge the dried up crud with a plastic knife/scrapper etc... then attack w/ degreaser/kero and brush it all up.... move the rear wheel (ENGINE OFF) and hit up all of the chain....if you are using a quality chain there is no issue rinsing with water as you will displace it all using a quality solvent-based chain lube... so this might be contenious but i use pressure to blast away the now oily-runny mess on the chain and sprockets.... i don't blast the chain real close, from half a meter is fine, but i blast inside the covers and guards to clean em.... wipe off w/ rag and liberally apply chain lube as directed.

    check chain tension.

    u can then use common sense and apply degreaser on other oily things, rear mono, swingarm etc... blast away.. do this before you do the chain and the rest of the bike obviously...

    then for safety i assume lube go to where u don't want it... i blast the tires and rim w/ water and the brake rotors... i then wipe the rotors w/ a clean rag and iso alcohol/brake cleaner.

    job's a good 'un.
  4. Go riding when it rains, Washes the bike with no effort,
  5. im just about to use harley products on my honda vtr (they are well priced, and harley owners love them.) they seem to work great on harleys
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  6. I always dry my bike with a chamois after washing it. Some "soft" cloths leave small scratches on the paintwork but the chamois is much better.
  7. Thanks for the detailed description!!

    im gonna have to teach myself teh cleaning of the chains and all the sticky bits! i finished off with a chamois of the bike and is now sparkling clean. once this rain paces, its off onto the road!
  8. yes, good point! forgot that.. a chamois eliminates the water marks and as a bonus its drier quicker so u can go at it w/ wax!!

    don't bother with the synthetic ones! total waste of time and money.. leather only...

    if you don't want to go that far, or want to do it on the cheap, quality microfibre cloths will do for a bike as it doesn't have that much painted surface to require a chamois like a car really does...

    welcome, enjoy your shiny ride! =D>
  9. I find private selling and buying a new one the best way to have a nice clean bike.

    Of course, YMMV.

    (I use normal car care products when the bike is cold. Easy with the high pressure water and give all painted parts a coat of wax after drying.)
  10. gets washed when it gets serviced
  11. is there dedicated bike wax or just wax in general?
  12. I just let it get filthy until my 3 year old daughter asks if she can wash it (for some reason she loves washing my bike). Then I give her a bucket of water with car washing detergent in it and a chamois and let her wash it until she's bored. Then I hose it down and go inside. Simple really :)
  13. Too busy riding, who cares if it's dirty
  14. It is good to hear that something works great on Harleys. Certainly not the mechanicals :LOL:
  15. I wait until it's 35 degrees and my sister and her friends come around for a pool party, I give them all a sponge and a bucket of warm soapy water, while I kick back poolside.
  16. This is a really detailed guide:

    Theres 6 parts you should be able to find them
  17. im guna be cleaning mine alot soon