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How do you buy your gear?!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Basileus, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Hello guys,

    About to purchase my 1st bike so wanted to start by getting a decent set of gear. Obviously it's much cheaper to get everything from US (except helmets of course), however need to be sure that sizes will be right and it will fit well.
    So the question is, how do you buy you gear? Do you go to a local store, try everything on, remember brand/size and then go back home and order online?
    Do you ever talk to salespeople explaining them your situation and ask for a discount? What's your strategy? Cheers!

  2. I bought my bike at the start of the year and purchased a full set of gear locally.. luckily my friend works at a bike store so I didn't pay too much of a premium. Recently I just bought some more gear online and did heaps of research, still ended up buying australian through motorcycleracegear as they gave me a good price and they're an australian business.

    I suggest that your safest bet if you want good bang for buck is to go into a local store, try on some alpinestars gear and then go and buy it online. www.motomummy.com have $30 postage and will give you a 15% discount on alpinestars if you use the code 'alpine' or 'alpinestars' (can't remember which one).
    The Tech 1-r is a great jacket that you could probably use all year round depending on where you live. A* GP-plus gloves, kevlar jeans and some good boots and you will have a great set of gear for just over a grand. You can get the Shoei XR-1100 helmet pretty cheap at the moment too, under $600, which would be a great option for a helmet. The CE certified A* bionic chest and back protector inserts probably wouldn't hurt either.

    I personally went with RS Taichi gear from www.motorcycleracegear.com which receives rave reviews, however it is a rare brand whereas alpinestars is sold absolutely everywhere so you're probably safer going with A*.
  3. Well since you ask, I used to buy all my 'gear' from Condel Park Pub car park.

    But grew out of that :bolt:

    Nah really, you have to shop around not only sizes but brands, different brands can have slightly different sizes to each other.

    Try heaps on, work out exactly what you want, then the following w/end you go to a few stores and go to the counter and tell them you want to buy X Y Z from... for example Joe Rocket.
    Whats your best price?

    It shows them you have done your homework, know what you want and how much everything is at ticket prices, and your now just chasing the best deal.
    Don't be afraid to tell them you have been too other stores in the area ( even name them )

    Also once you know your size in different brands you can hunt Ebay etc.
  4. some online stores in the states will sell you helmets, others won't. they are not supposed to ship them here without the AS standards affixed. depends on the brand of helmet too. Icon helmets they will ship here for example. because the sewn in label incorporates all worldwide standards.
    it is very expensive comparatively to buy a helmet here. not worth it.

    it's rare for me to find something i'd want apparel wise in stores here. because they generally only stock older stuff, clearance stuff from the states or Europe. technology and comfort in motorcycle aparell is forever advancing. and it's become a competitive business to have the latest and greatest stuff out. motorcycles and scooters are taking over the western world, despite what governments tell you.
    ideally you will know the brands you like and the sizes that fit you before buying from o/s. generally Euro sizing runs a little small and US sizing a little large. leather gear i would not buy before knowing exactly how it fits me. leather that does not fit properly sucks ass.

    also be aware there is a massive counterfeit industry out there. often buying big names brands from Egay at prices too good to be true, means you are buying fakes
  5. if you do find something in a local store here you like. walk away.
    go home, get on the computer and find out how much it costs.
    i have seen items of apparel in stores here selling for 2 or often even 3 times the price they are worth.
    even at AMX lately. maybe they have new management ? that thinks customers are dumb.
    get the price for the item online. print it out. go back to trhe store and see what they can do you for. don't expect them to match it. there will be a premium for having the item immediately and not having to pay postage. factor that in and you have your fair and honest price to offer
  6. I'm pretty savvy when it comes to shopping overseas, in fact spent (and saved) 10 figure digits over the last two years by using myus.com account. Everything is pretty straightforward - find a brand you like, try it, remember the size and go buy it from the states.
    However I heard that you can ask local stores to price match - how they will react if ask them to? Is it worth trying or just come, try and go back home to help US economy? ;)
  7. where are you? if you get a good local shop you can end up with decent gear that fits.
  8. Gold Coast QLD... I've got roughly ±2k to spend on gear, the less the better of course ;)
  9. I couldn't bring myself to try something on at a store with the full intention of then going and buying online.

    By all means do your research on the net and even use the online price as a bargaining tool, but if you want to have the privilege of trying something on then expect to pay the price it costs to cover the overheads of having that store and the backup of a warranty without needing to send the gear back half way around the world.
  10. I know a dude
  11. On someone else's card - most of my gear atm I got as presents from the missus, after having picked it out and tried it on for size.

    Otherwise I buy online, or wait until it's on some ridiculous special locally. In most circumstances I don't like to buy online after having tried it on in-store, but the truly ordinary service I get at most accessories stores assuages the guilt somewhat.
  12. other question is what sort of riding will you be doing? commuting? hooning in the hills? trackdays?
  13. Well if you have never worn any bike gear to compare against I don't suggest you buy anything without first trying it on in store.

    If it were me, I would try it on locally and make them an offer with up to a 20% premium over the online price, then if they decline buy online.

    I think that based upon what you have said so far that is going to be your best choice. Nerang has a bunch of bike stores where you can go and look at some gear, and they often have some good discounts. When I went to team moto nerang a month ago they had some old dainese stock really cheap. AMA warehouse is reasonable too.

    Look at it this way .. if you spend around 700 buying a decent helmet off them you won't feel bad about trying their gear on.
  14. Causal rides to work and back (but not very often) + weekend rides + short trips to gym/stores/etc

    Thanks a lot mate, that's the best advice I was looking for! :beer: I'll get a helmet locally and check other gear to get an idea of clothing sizes/brands and then buy everything online if they'll refuse to give a reasonable discount ;)
  15. e-bay is another option once you know what you want.
  16. I'm getting a lot of stuff out of Germany. Sidi Vortice boots rocked up this morning. $400 delivered v over $600 locally. Very happy!!
  17. I've had the bike for a just bit over 4 months & my first lot of bike gear was from the same shop I got the bike from (got a good discount).

    Since then I've added a few things but I generally bought items that were on sale. Yes they were $20-$30 cheaper from the US but add shipping charges and they were priced about the same.

    I suggest that you check stuff at a local shop & get them to price match. Some can & they do (someone in the previous has already suggested that). In this way you are helping a local business stay afloat.

    After that, keep looking for good deals at shops & online. I'm eyeing a leather jacket from US only because it is a local company and that quality is hard to get here.
  18. ridersdiscount.com:

    Great gear, fantastic prices, great customer service, SLLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWWW delivery (but for a flat $25, what do you expect?!)
  19. Yeh They seem to be popular as well. I'm yet to buy from them but did a few queries re: a specific jacket & they were fantastic. Ended up buying the same jacket here at a lesser price as it was on sale! :p

    Hey Phoenix, if you dont mind, what brand boots were you wearing on Saturday morning. I noticed them & they looked pretty cool.
  20. Thanks dude:
    Like most of my gear, they were ICON.
    These ones were ICON Patrol boots.

    Got them from Ridersdiscount, along with ICON gloves and ICON Field Armor. Save a $h!tload but took 6 weeks to get here.

    I really wanted to go with the ICON Field Armor boots but online reviews said that they were sometimes hard to fit under the shifter.