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How do you buy a used bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by yob_job, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. I know this will sound like a stupid question.

    But please read before you comment.

    I wont lie i know nothing about bike engines.
    I am going to a dealership on Friday and i am hoping to purchase a bike.

    If i buy it from a dealer will I get warranty?

    I don’t know I am worried about buying a lemon, it has happened to me before but with a car, that’s the reason I don’t want to buy private.

    I just want to be safe and not waste my money.

    Any advice would be much appreciated

  2. Which dealership?
    Where are you located?
    Why isn't your profile filled out?
    Take a mechanic with you to check over the bike you like. It's the best $100 worth of piece of mind insurance
  3. sorry i have just filled out the profile.

    I am located in Sydney's Lane Cove.

    I have seen some bikes i liek at Better Bikes Sydney located in Belmore
    the other is Action Motor cycles.
    and Bike Biz in Parramatta
  4. Sweet.

    I can't comment on those dealerships as I'm from the better part of Australia :p
  5. haha dammit :p

    anyone else had any experiences?
  6. get your arse to a NSW coffee meet near you, introduce yourself to some NR's up there, and i am sure they'll be happy to help you :)
  7. The only thing I can comment on personally is Action's after sales service and support.

    It's non-existant.
  8. Buying a used bike is like playing Russian Roulette with your wallet. No matter where you buy it from it can be crap, however more often then not the bike will be fine. Don't think that because you're buying a bike from a dealer that it'll all be good, get it checked out anyway. I don't think any warranties supplied by dealers on used bikes would be worth shit (the ones one some NEW bikes aren't even) , so don't rely on them. If you are keen enough on a particular bike pay somebody a small amount of cash to assist you, it'll be a smart investment.
  9. +1

    Get an independent mechanic to look at a bike before buying - this is money well spent :)
  10. research research research!!!

    if you don't arm yourself with some knowledge the dealers will see you coming from a mile away.

    do not buy the first bike that you see.

    stick to a budget.

    don't be afraid to walk away.

    what bike are you looking at getting?
  11. +1 to the whole get it checked out thoroughly routine

    EVEN buying from a dealer does not guarantee you are getting what you paid for...a mate of mine has just gone down this road with a dealer trying to sell a bike on consignment...the bike was a supposedly mint CBR1000RR with a low 4000k's ...or so it seemed, on further investigation it turned out to have blown fork seals, a replaced front rotor at 4000k's?, holes drilled in the sump plug and oil filler cap and radiator cap for lock wiring, despite all this the seller assured us that it had been bought to race but for financial reasons in never saw the track.

    To be safe the bike was put through a thorough inspection and it turned out the bike was a track day shitter that had been binned at speed, badly repaired, modified to basically make it unregisterable and then had the race glass taken off and the shiny new genuine fairings put back on...the dealer was then trying to sell it as a pristine genuine low k's bargain :roll:

    Your best bet is to get to know some netriders in your area, many of em would love to help you choose a bike, they will help you narrow down a few good ones and avoid the shitters, then choose the one your keen on and get an inspection done...ANY genuine buyer won't have a problem with this, the ones that do usually have something to hide.
  12. I told them that that particular bike was going to be a problem but they didn't listen ;)

    Technically, the bike is an insurance write off as there is a gouge in the frame just above the gear shifter. The gouge has since been repaired :(

    It's trash, but I'm glad it all worked out well in the end :grin:
  13. get someone else to come with you

    as for buying a bike from a dealer... esp action/sydney sh!tty motorcycles, you're paying a premium for the convenience of having "after sales support" which is pretty horrible in general. Have a look at private bikes, you'll be able to get a better/newer one for the same money as a complete heap from a dealer! Take someone who knows bikes with you and they'll point you in the right direction!

    definately get to a coffee meet near you!
  14. 'after sales support' is a bit of a joke cause once you've handed the money over, unless they see you as a worthy repeat customer or someone who is gonna bump up their comission somehow, then they are more interested in the next sucker

    private is always the way to go in my opinion unless you've got no choice or buying brand new and want the warranty etc etc
  15. I should mention that the "dealer" that you are referring to is NOT a dealer.
    Does not have an LMCT and is more a car salesman than a bike salesman.

    They are just a business operating out of a warehouse that is large enough to house, bikes, scooters and the occasional car. They are not governed by any rules that mainstream dealers are.
  16. I think Hornet knows the couple that own Better-Bikes personally, and they are apparently decent people.

    I've checked out their site every so often and I've never seen them advertise anything that looks suss - all their bikes look pretty good, with appropriate pricing for good bikes.

    A friend of mine bought a NEW bike from Action Parramatta and their service was great.

    I've spoken to the workshop manager at BikeBiz before, who basically doesn't like to accept imports for service.

    I think find a good bike mechanic and buy the bike from wherever you want.

    MMT @ East St, Granville are pretty competent on service.
  17. Get a mechanical inspection.....I was the guy looking at the CBR1000rr.
    If you goto a dealer, Still get an inspection done.

    My inspection saved my ass, and i got to lose my temper with the guys.
    Vic helped out a bit too.......he is in the know :wink:

    Cheers Vic, Im glad i asked but I didnt like what I heard. :roll: :grin:

    Happy chappie now though, pick up my new bike tonight.....

  18. My latest bike came from Bike Biz and they've done all right by me so far. You definitely need someone else to go with you and be completely unbiased as you're going to be wanting a bike so bad that you might make a dumb decision in the heat of the moment.

    I took my wife. I figured nothing would cool my ardour for a new bike more than my wife's disapproving stare. And then she convinced me to buy a new one! :shock:

  19. the problem is i dont know to many people that know enough about bikes, and my friends who know a little think i have to get a sports bike when i just want a cruiser.
    i have been looking at the Yamaha Virago or the Hyosung Aquila GV250.

    from reading all your posts i think i will if i like the bike put a deposit down and say to them ill pay the rest the following friday but in the meantime i will be having one of those liek NRMA check people but for bikes come down and check it out.

    My only other worry is that because im on my L's they may not let me test ride the bike.

    I really thank you for all your help so far, i think tommorrow i will head to Better Bikes and see the 2 there that i like.
  20. well i just thought i would let you all know, i went down to better bikes, and the service there was very good, and i was very impressed.

    i spoke with Roland there and he was very very helpfull.

    A while back i have been to Bike Biz and i had no luck getting serviced and i thought they where very over priced.