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How do you break car mirrors off?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Do you punch them or kick them? kicking them would seem kinda awkward but punching them would hurt?


  2. You don't - lest you put your hand up to damaging other peoples property.

    Not me officer, I would never.
  3. Just get gloves with carbon fibre knuckles and you're set :)
  4. I usually wear gloves when I ride my bike...

    Not that I have ever damaged a car while riding.
  5. Oh ok, i guess i didnt really look into how much armour some gloves can have.

    Do you actually break the mirror off the car or just smash the glass?
  6. something playing on your mind :p :p
  7. My Fred Gassit t shirt recommends the flying kick technique. :LOL:

    I think if you've been harrassed to the point of wanting to break a mirror you should probably do it with the car drivers head. :LOL:

    Nah, count to 10 shake your head and ride away. Not only is it the mature thing to do, it's also the safest.

    I've got enough nutjob mates to know that while it may feel satisfying to boot that mirror off it could also be the last thing you do.

    jeez, i think I'm starting to get old. :eek:
  8. I'm guessing that they are not held on that well on modern cars.

    I reckon they could come right off pretty easy. Also would depend on your relative momentum.

    I would try and avoid breaking any glass as you could damage your gloves and leaving glass on the road is irressponsible! :LOL:
  9. Also, don't listen to me cos I have zero experience in this. I am just guessing.
  10. not somethin i have done or even would but i imagine usin the bottom of your palm would be your best bet...

    Might be more effective to break their nose instead though :roll:
  11. don't know, but have a chat to the two cagers that had a go at mine over the course of a month they seem to be proficent at it.
  12. Send a pm to the professor of mirrors, groberts. He prescribed just grabbing them and wrenching them off from memory
  13. Hit them downwards, and they will come off, New cars swing by the wires which is cool too

  14. Newer cars have it all hooked up with wires. Any force given to them will snap them off.

    Just hit it front on with a slapping motion.

    Irrelevant if you break it or not (better if you dont). Goal is to scare the crap out of the car driver so he don't do whatever he did again.
  15. assuming the biatch knew what he did in the first place *angry face*
  16. Do you guys actually reckon that will prevent people doing it again and not just make them hate bikes and probably do it on purpose next time?

    If ya got an issue with someone surely its best to attempt to get face to face with em and have a nice conversation about their mistake... Obviously how long it stayed a "nice" conversation would depend upon their attitude.
  17. I may sound boring, but I try to focus on not allowing myself to get into such a situation that causes my life to be in other peoples hands. If someone has a chance at hurting me, I try to change the way I do things, or else another person will have a chance. Plus I refuse to let one drop kick take all of my attention from other potentially worse situations unfolding.

    But as I said I may be boring :grin:

  18. Maybe some geek out there can come up with an online mirror smashing bike game so you can get it out of your system without having to go through with it. :)
  19. Same here, ive still never actually had anyone do me wrong on the bike from memory. Best to just take responsibility and not let anything happen in the first place. Obviously theres some cases when theres nothin you can do, but i think 90% of peoples bitching about what cars did to them they could have prevented themselves.
  20. I don't smash mirrors. I think that by doing so only makes drivers "hate" riders more.

    I do grab and push on the glass though, when you force the glass assembly against the gears on the motor it makes an aweful sound and I'm sure they would get the message without it costing them anything.