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How do you bods do it every day???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. I'm spoiled living in Wollongong, where a traffic jam is 4 cars travelling at 80 instead of 100 :).

    Today I rode from here, through the old Ring Road 3 (King George's Road) to Pymble, and then up the old Highway to PITS and Road Warriors, then to Kincumber for Alan Hales' funeral, then home, and I'm exhausted. Not from riding, per se, but just concentrating on every moving object within eye-shot and thinking three moves ahead. My poor old brain is fried; I used to commute and drive all over Sydney for work, by car, but how you folks do it every day by bike and arrive at work, then home, in any fit condition to do anything, I do not know!

    I dips me lid to yas all :).

  2. Time for a CPU upgrade old mate! :)

    Just joking!

    ...actually, I agree with you. It can get quite mentally fatigueing... but you develop a stamina and you practice wide vision.... it's much less taxing to move the attention around the field of vision rather than the focus of vision around the field.

  3. I've found it helps if you're a TOTAL F*CKING LEGEND.

    I always treat it as an obstacle course, I get where I'm going feeling very lively indeed.
  4. Because we have to :(

    Ring road 3 sucks hey :twisted: If they made it all 120 I'd be happy..
  5. This is why videogames should be considered training tools ;).
    That said I was stuck in heavy Melbourne traffic in a car earlier in the week and for many of the bikes I saw I'd say shear dumb luck was the only reason most got home alive. They certainly weren't thinking too much about what they were doing.
  6. Heh, speaking to one of the guys at my local suzi dealer, he's had four near-write-offs in the shop this week. his reason, "cobwebs", and the best weather of the summer this week in melbourne. Means he couldn't find the third gasket on order. :grin:

    And +1 for video games. Particularly GTA. :twisted:
  7. I have to, i hate the cage, and i hate the trains!!! Every day i have some fool try to kill me, today some crazy biatch decided she didnt like her lane, no indicator, no looking she dived into my lane, like she was slipstreaming!!! You just have to watch where you sit, i never ride next to anyone, always have space around me, if i can
  8. So, how do you manage it then Loz? :p :p :LOL:
  9. Just make sure you eat your weetbix and its all good.

    Most days area pain though in traffic, if you filter you illegally f@#ked :mad: and if you just stay put and wait you get hit up the ars3 or merged onto so your f@#ked again. :cry:

    Cant win :mad:
  10. I am not so bad, I live and work in western sydney (merrylands to wetherill park) and the traffic most days when I ride is ok.

    I Just pay attention to the space around, and always have an escape plan.
    Also when I am riding, I think that All Cagers are idiots.. :D
    So always on the lookout for stupid stuff.. :D
  11. well, it beats the shit out of driving for twice as long or travelling on public transport for >2.5 times as long
  12. with great difficulty , he was refering to me ( the ledgend bit of course).
  13. aV2wqCxA.

    Next we'll be comparing dick size .. :shock:

    re: the original OP >> I find it very stimulating and satisfying.
    It's not often that there is actual activity between my ears, so i guess its excersice ...? exsercise ?? excercise ? Oh well however you fcuking spell it ! We need a spell checker here.

    I ride a Hornet Paul , it does it all for me :p
  14. thats a pretty long day paul. the gong to kincumber and in the wet would have had me stuffed to. driving in peak hour? i love it, of coarse id rather be hitting the bends, but being on two wheels in traffic beats the train and the cage.
  15. I suspect if I was doing it all the time I would feel differently than I did when I finally got home yesterday, but, as I said, I'm spoiled down here in the 'Gong as far as traffic is concerned, and it was a real eye-opener to be reminded again of what Sydney conditions are like. I think in terms of mental effort it was a much longer trip than the 400+kms that it actually was :).

    That said I had no near-misses or dramas, and several cheery exchanges with fellow riders along the way; 'Hi' to the guy on the Honda 125 who's been riding for two months, if you're reading this :).
  16. Easier when you're asian. You don't even have to squint to get wide screen vision.
  17. Stopping in traffic

    The thing that bugs me most about riding a cycle through busy places is that there is no privacy. You just can't pick your nose or scratch your balls without everyone seeing. Waiting at those long slow lights to change or stuck at jams sometimes a song goes through my head, in the cage I would start singing to myself and have a little chair dance - but on the bike - especially when I approach work I have to remind myself that I have to keep the inner dag contained.
  18. I wouldn't tell them, mate. Keep it to yourself.
  19. ahahahahah....

    Seriously...Like Loz...I quite enjoy the heavy traffic as long as I can keep moving...I see it as quite the chellenge to my skills and it keeps me sharp. And you do get used to it after a while...

    I tend to look at the commute as a completely different kind of ride.
  20. Re: Stopping in traffic

    GOLD! :LOL: :LOL: