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How do you become a instructor driver/rider?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. How do you become a instructor driver/rider?

    Was surfing the net and someone was asking how to become a driving instructor. No one seemed to have the answer.

    Now im curious what needs to be done, and who do you approach?
    Iv'e looked on vicroads can't see anything.

    Thanks Kerry :)
  2. Mr Kennett deregulated it and removed the need for formal qualifications :roll:

    I'm not sure what the current requirements are though but I'll check when the people from that branch actually get to work (slack sods aren't here yet) :roll:

  3. try calling a place like ridetek and actually asking someone there. Could save a lot of time, unless tones replies in here beforehand ;)
  4. There doesn't appear to be a formal qualification. Certificate IV in Workplace Training helps as a training qualification but generally it appears up to the organisation to set the standards you need.

    They're chasing up what's available in the way of training for me from the national qualifications database.

  5. I know of a netrider member that is an instructor out at motorcycle motion in keysborogh/moorabbin..he took me down there one saturday night and let me have a little ride about...I was wrapped , so much so I went out and got my L's the very next monday.
    His username is VIPER, shoot him a PM...he's a nice chap and will give you all the details you need.

  6. Thanks for the replies.

    Off to call vicroads and MTA
  7. No formal M/C qual available
    there is this on the national qualifications database

    Certificate III in Motor Vehicle Driver Trainer (Car)

    The overall list of Transport & Logistics courses are here

    There's some interesting ones available.

    Clicking on the individual courses will give you who is authorised to run them - that doesn't mean that they actually do though...

  8. Sen Ney, please share what you find out, I'm interested to know.


  9. what are you looking for cars, bikes and trucks
  10. Well dear Rob, i found out DIDDLY SQUAT

    I called vicroads, spoke to general operator. No help to me, Transfered me to someone else (Tim) He said oh sorry i don't know Jerry maybe able to help you. OK got transfered to Jerry on to get his answering machine. I left a message,at 9.45am YESTERDAY no reply to my request for information.

    I also called HART, was given the run around there aswell. Was told the ride for life day was coming up, and someone could help me with my query then.

    I then called MTA to be told the gentleman i want is away, and will be back Monday if i wish to call then.

    :evil: I give up, i would have thought it would be simple to answer??

  11. From the latest AMCN:
    Motorcycle Instructors Course run by "Top Rider"
    it's a 2 week course on the Gold Coast - you could handle that eh? :grin:
    Phone 1300 13 13 62
  12. Thank you very much!! Will call them tomorrow and see what the course entails.

    Don't like Gold Coast
  13. And a bike instructors certificate issued in Queensland may well be useless in Melbourne.
    In NSW there is a specific bike instructors course run by the RTA.
    It's a very tough course, I know because I went up to Newcastle with Terri when she did it. Hardest thing she has ever done. She was going to quit on the weds but I convinced her to carry on until the fri. A guy pulled out on weds. Terri passed on the fri.
  14. Hey thats a cool storey

    Cheers :cool:
  15. Well thank you Dazza.
    The RTA course was tough.
    We had a few arguments and a few tears that week I can tell you.
    But Terri prevailed and I was so proud of her.
    One of her most cherished accomplishments.
  16. Thanks Undii, just saw this thread. I can only speak for Victoria of course. However the requirements are to be a motorcycle instructor as I know it at present (it does change often).

    To be a motorcycle instructor requires no qualification at all. To be employed as an instructor usually means to be an ATO (Authorised testing officer) as well. This means you can test and issue motorcycle and car learner permits and motorcycle licences in Victoria. The ATO component is obviously an important part of instructing people and being employable. The ATO side of things means being licenced to perform this stuff by Vic Roads (and means you can get professional indemntity insurance which is usually paid for by the provider). To become an ATO you need:

    1. To be an "active motorcyclist. This means you have a motorcycle currently registered in your name and have held a bike licence for more than 2 or 5 years (cant remember which one it is) and not be on a probationary licence (P plates). You licence needs to be current and valid.

    2. You need to be "enrolled" in a course to obtain a certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment (I think there is an equivilant course of a similar name as well now) that can be obtained via TAFE or approved providers. Until recently you needed this qualification, however it has just recently changed to just needing to be "enrolled". That may also change.

    3. Lastly you need to do a 2 day course to obtain the ATO certification. This course involves how to perform the licence and learner tests, paperwork, etc, etc. These are run by HART and DECA and I believe have to be organised thru providers. You can ring up HART and say I wanna do the ATO course. As part of the course you need to pass the licence test to a particular standard. People goinbg for their motorcycle licence must score under 40 to pass. To pass the ATO course you must score under 20. ATO's must attend a refresher course every two years to keep their accreditation.

    4. If working as an instructor and ATO, you must meet a criteria to keep this ATO accreditation. These are confusing, but in simple terms you need to perform a required amount of tests in a particular timeframe. So if you dont work for a period of time, you may need to do the LTO refresher course. There are diffeent rules for different time frames.

    5. A police check needs to be done.

    In the industry the ability to ride is not so important, but more so the ability to be able to impart knowledge to others. If the riding isnt so good, it can be learned. The pay for instructors isnt exactly going to pay off the mortage in the first year, and many do the job simply as they are passionate about motorcycling and helping fellow riders.

    Hope the info helps and isnt too dry.

    If you have any questions just ask ir send me a PM.

  17. I think I like the NSW RTA's motorcycle instructors course better already.
    It's a full week long and you have to score a 100 out of a 100 on the computer test. That means you have to get every answer they ask you right.
    You also have to be able to perform every motorcycle operation you teach to the students with absoulute precsion.
    Many people do not pass their stringent requirements, which says to me that at least they are doing their best to get competent instructors.
  18. Much of the training of the instructors is done by the private provider. Courses (as in Learner and Licence courses are standardised by Vic Roads and are then audited to ensure content is adhered too). In other words the mob you work for "trains" you with the courseware. This usually takes place over as many courses as required before the instructor does it by themselves. Often a new instructor will sit in for 3 or four courses and then will start to conduct the courses themselves whilst being supervised by an existing instructor and this will be as many as necessary (often 4-8 courses). What the point im making is that an instructor would on average, on top of the Vic Roads ATO training would get about 2 weeks training. The training is on the job and they are coached. A computer test would have some negatives as well as positives. The written part of the testing is provided by the use of a handbook that students read (should read) prior to the learner course and then reinforced on the course.

    However I ride a bike not a computer :)

  19. Thanks very much Tones. :grin:

    Now my curiosity has been satisfied.
  20. So, having passed, did she put her new qualifications into practice?
    It seems like a pretty cool job, especially if you get employed at HART. The guys who run our course told us as part of salary package they get to chose any bike from Honda range once a year... I think they have to give the old bike back but I could be wrong and in any case it would be a pretty sweet deal.
    Just imagine, I could get a new CB250 every 12 months. :)