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How do you ask a mechanic to hurry along with the repairs???

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by The Circus Midget, May 11, 2006.

  1. I'm not meaning a mechanic having my bike for a week.. The bike is in to have its engine seals fixed, the oil injection tuned and a new lead put on. When i rang to book it in i was told, " No worries mate, your looking at a 5 day turnaround" Tomorrow, it will be three weeks since i dropped it off.
    Every time i ring, i get " we are a bit behind, but it will be done soon." I rang this morning and very nicely asked if i could come and pick the bike up with a trailer. Apparently i couldnt because it was in pieces and they were working on it. I rang this afternoon only to be informed by a different person that monday is the day for it to be worked on. Any ideas on how to handle this?? i

  2. Fair trading perhaps..? Time for a new mechanic.
  3. After three weeks I'd be heading down there to have a chat in person. That's beyond reasonable in my books. :evil:
  4. Go there in person. Ask them when your bike wil be done. If they do not, or wil not tell you, get a trailer and get your bike.
    The mechanic has failed to deliver a service to you, and if he tries to get smart, just call fair trading. As a tradesman, I NEVER promise shit I can't deliver on.
    Morons like that don't need your money.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Agree with rb there. Id call them and say something like:

    "Hi guys, im going to be in the area tomorrow and thought id drop past at xx o'clock just to see how things are going. Cheers."

    Gives them a warning that your coming past and an opportunity to do something positive to completing your bike. Its always easier if you can do it in a 'friendly' fashion.
  6. time to start phaze 1 of 'ball breaking'

    nobody likes a ball breaker so go down there in person.

    5 days to 3 weeks in not reasonable
  7. Just out of Curiosity Mabo, what is the mechanics you have dropped it in too. I only ask as i am in your area!
  8. If you have access to a trailer, id go see them with the trailer (parking on the street out of sight), if its in one peice then ask if you can take it, i doubt theyed decline if its in one peice. But if its in peices maybe have a chat with them hurrying them along, tell them its hard to get to work without it or simillar.
  9. Thats bullshit :shock: Imagine how long it would take them to fix something they didnt do properly, get it the fu**K out of there
  10. I had the same situation. I went in and told the boss how disappointed I was as I have a trip planned leaving in a few days - most of these guys ride so will understand.

    If the bike is in one piece, get it outta there and elsewhere. If its in pieces hopefully the mention of the trip will get them moving.
  11. Pfft! You call yourself a tradesmen? :wink:
  12. Do a surprise visit. Catch em off guard and ask to see your bike to see the progress. If untouched take it away with you.
  13. Bingo. Take a trailer and if they haven't started, take the bike with you no questions asked and DEFINATELY no money paid. Afterall, it wasn't storage they were supposed to provide. If they have started work, decide with them on a collection day (politlely) and let them get back to work. If it's not ready on time then make sure they know that their manager, the owner of the store and the manager of the brand they represent will all be recieving letters if it's not done TOMORROW.

    Make sure you have detailed records of conversations etc... to use in your letter. This may also be needed by consumer affairs if the issue can't be resolved.

    That said (sorry about the rant, it makes me think of Redwing :evil: ) if they have started, then they'll probably have it done when they say they will (unless you did something stupid like take it to Redwing). And if they, haven't started you have the legal right to take the bike so there's olny time lost and no harm done.
    :!: Make sure you see the bike. Redwing had me under the impression that work had started for 8 weeks before I found out they hadn't touched it. :wink:
  14. Three weeks...the guys on the Discovery channel have a custom chopper built in that time :!:

    If it's the same mechanic that said you needed this looked at then he's ripping you off as well as wasting your time.
  15. Redwing moved the Earth on two occasions to get me down to Tassie and charged me bugger all for the privilege.....top top people. Having them as my service people is factoring strongly in my new bike purchasing decision.

    I took the bike to another shop after my first big stack and they dragged their feet a little but mainly due to waiting on radiator repairs to get done......just a polite call put a little pressure on that went up the chain to speed things up but in your case Mabo I'd suggest a in person visit.

    But first work out what you want to achieve, do you want the bike out of there or do you want them to do the work? Your answer should help determine your approach in weather you are going to burn bridges or just spur them on. In either case I take a friend as a witness if things get a little messy.

    I find I get better results out of people if you can get some kind of camaraderie happening, otherwise you are just some whinger that is trying to make an overworked person's life hard when they could we'll be completely snowed under and working their arse off to make some headway. If you can get the mechanic on your side then he is more likely to bump you to the top of the list. For me when I'm working I'm more than happy to go the whole nine yards for someone I like and loathed to put any effort into something for someone who is pissing me off either intentionally or unintentionally.

    Fair enough 3 weeks is pushing the friendship but before you fly off the handle make sure you stop for a second and think about it from the other guys persective when you are talking to them to try and work out a plan of action. If having done that and you still aren't getting a good vibe then definately get your bike out of there an to someone you can trust.
  16. Re: How do you ask a mechanic to hurry along with the repair

    see a lawyer and ask him to draft up a letter telling them they have breeched there contract ( verbal one) with you
    its not your fault they are behind , and state that if you dont have the bike in 3 days ( hand deliver the letter) that you will sue for lost wages , taxi travel and other transportation costs .
    That will get there attention .

    and also a discount for the hassle
  17. The only problem I have with harrassing places like this to get the work done is that they will most definitely rush the job if they are in fact that busy, and if you are lucky, the first year wil do most of it.
    Personally, I don't want things rushed by people who already have proven not to give a shit.
    Just my opinion.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Simple, just tell them that you'll be in the following day to pick the bike up, as they have had enough time to complete the repairs, regardless of how busy they are. (they shouldn't book so many repairs in if they can't meet the timing "they" specified) Tell them that, if it's in pieces, to put it back together and you'll be taking it.
    If they haven't finished, don't pay. Take 3 of your biggest mates in and remove the bike from the premises and take it someplace where they won't treat you like that.
  19. I rang yesterday morning to say i was coming in at 5 to have a talk about the bike and how long it was taking. Went in and actually saw the owner of the business. He explained that due to the age of my bike and the fact that it needed an experienced mechanic to do the oil injection he himself was looking after my bike. He explained that he had just returned from 5 days in hospital with pnumonia. The guy loooks 85 in the shade and looked like absolute shite so i kinda believed him. Because its taken so long, he is only charging me a quarter of the original quote. i pick the bike up on wed next week or i dont pay a thing is the promise. Im very happy with the outcome..
  20. I've picked up my bike untouched in similar circumstances - asked for some basic stuff to be done and gave them three weeks to do it (fit new rear foot pegs, modify/fit new rear brake pedal to suit rear-sets recently fitted) - never got touched - excuse was 'we've got race-bikes to fix and other important jobs on'. Demanded my bike back which was brought around to me covered in dust and a scratch down the petrol tank which I doscovered the next day. Took a photo of the damage. Wrote a letter to the boss, haven't heard from them since (6-7 months ago). Not looking for an answer or solution, just venting :)

    End result? Did the friggin work myself.