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How do you amuse yourself in traffic?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MC_Elzee, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. I enjoy saying 'Engaging warp speed!' as I take off from the lights. I also like yelling 'I wait in traffic for NO MAN!' while filtering. And I sing Fleetwood Mac's 'You can go your own way", coz I'm going my own way. How's about you?

  2. The ground is lava. Every ride.
  3. How many posts till this goes of the rails I wonder? I betting within the first page :ROFLMAO:
  4. Shoosh, @Jem. Keep your hands where we can seem them ...:D
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  5. Yell and scream "OH GOD THIS FREEDOM HURTS!!"
  6. I too was thinking- These are not the people to ask that question too...................
  7. Ah, @bluezx14 ... I have lived a thousand lives. Nothing shocks me. Nor am I easily intimidated. Would be cool if people played nice, but if they don't, well, that's all about them, really, isn't it? ;)
  8. Dancing on bike whilst screaming out songs I'm listening to....and in general tormenting cagers....as much as I possibly can
  9. I do suduku
  10. What's traffic?
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  11. I have conversations with myself - can get heated at times. Its a love hate relationship inside that helmet
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  12. Banging tunes & scanning the environment. That's enough for me. :)
  13. With some speed up, the buffeting around the helmet is good for sound effects, a Dalek "exterminate!" or Ghost Rider "look into my eyes".
  14. Oh, and I sometimes yell 'I'm Steve McQueeeeeeeeen' as I hop over speed bumps.
  15. I study and analyse the behaviour of my fellow homo sapiens, they never cease to amuse me.
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  16. We don't really have traffic in Wagga.

    There is no 'rush hour', it's more a 'inconvenient 15 minutes'.
  17. Depends on the mood I'm in at the time, sometimes I like to sweep in behind cages and make rat tat tat noises in my helmet pretending I'm flying a P40 (very satisfying if its a Mitsubishi) or when I'm splitting the bike becomes an X-wing and merging cagers turbo lasers.
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  18. So you want to fail, crash and get caught by the pursuing Germans then?