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how do water restrictions effect washing my bike?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by doop, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. just wondering if you can still wash a bike with a bucket with stage three now in force in melbourne?

    www.ourwater.vic.gov.au says: "Vehicle washing. Hand-held hoses or high pressure cleaning devices cannot be used for vehicle washing, at any time. A bucket filled from a tap can be used to clean windows, mirrors and lights; and spot-remove corrosive substances. A commercial car wash can be used."

    its a bit crazy if you cant eh

  2. You can use that waterless wash stuff. Bit exxy but it works OK.
  3. There are no restrictions on rainwater tanks or grey water, provided they're not supplemented by mains water.

    If you don't have a proper rainwater tank or grey water system installed, put a 9L bucket under the shower while you're waiting for the hot water to come through. After a few showers you should have enough water to wash the bike properly. I've found the Enjo gloves work really well for any parts that aren't coated in oil or grease, e.g., tank, fairings, lights, mirrors. There are cheaper alternatives in the supermarket which might work just as well.

    The gloves probably work on oily parts as well, I just haven't tested it myself.

    Edit: although it isn't strictly necessary, if you're going to be using rainwater or grey water to do something that's otherwise forbidden (e.g., washing the bike, watering your lawn) it's probably a good idea to call your water supplier and let them know. That way, if someone dobbs you in, the water company can just look at your account, say "That's cool - he's using grey water." and they won't even need to contact you. You can also get signs you can put out the front (from where I'm not sure - maybe nurseries) that say you're using grey water, so people don't hassle you.
  4. Yep the gloves do work okay on oily parts although it's a good idea to have a seperate one just for these areas.
  5. The totally crazy thing about this is that I can wash my bike in 2 x 1/2 buckets (1/2 to wash, 1/2 to rinse), making a total of 9l for the whole job. But I am not allowed to*. However, twice a week, I am allowed to water my garden for a period of 2hrs, which, with a trigger nozzle can still flow over a 1000l/hr. So, 4000 litres a week to water my garden is allowed, but not the 9l to wash my bike.....

    * Ah well, the rainwater tank I installed 7yrs ago is used for the bike.
  6. +1, I can't use a tiny bit of water to perform basic matenence on an expensive piece of machinery, but I'm perfectly allowed to spray it all over the ground. It's plain stupid. :roll: And even though I've never watered my garden (it's european but survives quite well without it) I can't use that water allocation for anything else.

    Perhaps we can place a few buckets in the garden to catch grey water when we hose it. :idea: :LOL:
  7. During these 2 hours are you allowed to water pot plants? (I'm not a gardener so I don't know these things).

    What's to stop someone putting a few pot plants around the bike and watering them? :wink:
  8. G'day everyone,........

    Put your bike on the grass and wash the bike,....If anyone questions it you tell them you are watering the grass,......it just hits the bike first thats all!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  9. Making sure the side stand doesn't sink on wet soil. :)
  10. Does a motorcycle falls within the category of "vehicle"?
  11. You didnt know that trucks, buses, cars, vans, motorbikes are all otherwise known as motor vehicles? 8-[

    Blimey :? :rofl:
  12. ... and then get done for using a hose on both the bike (not allowed) and the grass (not allowed).

    None of these restrictions apply to grey water or rainwater (unless the tank is topped-up by mains water):

    - No washing vehicles with a hose. You can use a bucket, but then only to clean windows, mirrors, and lights, or to remove corrosive material.
    - No watering lawns at all
    - You can water garden beds and pot plants using a hose, watering can, manual watering system or automatic watering system.
    - Watering systems (manual or automatic) can only use drippers - no sprays or sprinklers are allowed. Existing sprays and sprinklers must be removed and either replaced with drippers or the holes plugged.
    -Watering systems must not exceed 9L/minute per linear metre. In other words, if your watering system is 3 metres from start to end the total flow rate of all the drippers attached to it must not exceed 27L/minute. If it was only 2 metres long then the total flow would be limited to 18L/minute. Most irrigation supply stores sell 2L/min, 4L/min, and 8L/min drippers.
    - The times and days you can water depend on your house number and whether you are using a manual system (including handheld hose or watering can) or automatic system.

    If you want to wash your bike buy 2 of the Enjo-like gloves from the supermarket. Take a bucket in the shower with you. While you wait for the hot water to come through leave the bucket under the shower head. After a few showers you should have enough in the bucket to wash the bike - about 3/4 bucket. Use one glove for general cleaning - lights, mirrors, tank, fairings, seat. Use the other for anything greasy or oily.
  13. Just fill up your buckets inside and take them outside to wash your bike. :wink:
    Buckets filled up inside a house are automatically classed as grey water, doesn't matter if you filled it up to wash you bike, it’s still classed as grey water.
  14. It's ridiculous - you can fill a 500 litre spa, run a hosepipe outside and it's automatically classed as grey water. :roll:

    The waterless spray stuff works very well, except for real grime such as road tar. I'm giving the bike a quick going over with it every few days, plus Mr Sheen on the wheels and swingarm. So far so good. :)
  15. Surely trying to dodge or bend the rules is missing the point, being that the spirit, the 'vibe', of the water restrictions is that we should all be thinking of ways to save water.

    A blanket restriction on washing vehicles makes more sense to me than a restriction, but with loopholes, such as washing vehicles unless you only use 9L or a bucket from the shower (what's to say you won't leave it a little longer before you get in the shower, as the bucket is 'nearly' full).

    Use a waterless product. It's argued that they give you a better result, anyway.

    For me, the restrictions as they are written are both easier to understand and emphasise the need to conserve water (give someone an inch and they'll take a mile).
  16. Better yet save some money and make your own. The commercial stuff is basically just metho and sex lube (propylene glycol - also used to make "non-toxic" antifreeze).
  17. I have a high-pressure water blaster I use to clean my truck on the grass.

    Mr Sheen and a rag for the bike [when I upgrade I'll bother with proper wash & Plexus etc].

    ... just paint your frontgarden tap purple so it looks like a recycled water main :p

    Or refuse to give your name to the water patrol officer if you get caught & remember to state you don't live at that address you're in front of.
  18. +1 for the bucket in the shower. I just fill it up with the cold water over a couple of days...
  19. Wash your bike in the backyard out of sight of prying eyes.... :wink:
  20. Anyone taken their bike and sat on it going through the automatic car wash? Be a good way to clean the riding gear and test if it really is water proof!