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How do u guys stop ur visor fogging up ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Omarko, May 3, 2011.

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  1. hey guys

    as its getting colder, my visor is starting to fog up in the morning. I have been riding for 10+ years but never actually gave this a deeper thought as I just accepted it and managed as best as I could.

    Normally when it does not rain, its massive issue as you just open it up a bit and its ok. However if it rains, as I wear glasses, I cant really open the visor as I get rain on them and that makes things much worse. In the last couple weeks with all the rain we had in Sydney, I had few tight situations on the road mainly due to my visor being completely fogged up. I cant drive to work as it would take me at least an extra hour or so a day so thats not an option. Also, cant wear contacts.

    How do you guys handle this ? Especially if you wear glasses?

    Also, does anyone know of a product that helps de-fogging ? I bought one from rain-x but it doesnt do squat.

  2. I have big problems with visor fogging, and wear glasses too. Ive tried a lot of products but have found the best is Mr Sheen inside the visor and out, make sure you dont wipe it all off though when polishing it in. This doesnt really stop all the fogging and so I generally ride with my visor up one notch. Makes for a cold nose in winter but thats better than not being able to see.
  3. Different helmets make a big difference too. My RJ's helmet does not fog up anywhere near as much as my shoei. Those nose guard things make a difference too.
  4. Try a stick on visor insert.
    I've been using the RJ s one for the last 5 years and find it works well.
    Fogcity also make one, don't know if its better but it is dearer (RJs about $15).
    Just bought a new visor and they didn't have the RJs one, so I ended up with the Fogcity one, but haven't put it on yet.

    I've tried other things in the past, wipe on cloths, catcrap, etc.
    None of them beat the stick on insert.
    Put it on once, forget about it.
  5. Fogcity brilliant, been on for 12 months works great, about $45 MCA Sydney.
  6. I find the faster I go, the less I fog up!

    Nah my helmet has a little clip that lets are in under the visor, pretty much clears it up, but makes my nose run cause it's so cold.
  7. What helmet have you got?
    I had an AGV before and it had really bad fog. Since I upgraded to a Shoei, which is a higher quality product, I haven't had any issues with fog. The anti fog opening in the front and on the visor works a lot better than the AGV's.
  8. i lift my visor up a notch to let the air flow in, clears it straight away
  9. I ride with the visor up a notch, but I have found that my visor can be opened on one side, leaving a slight gap while still protecting my nose from the cold...best of both worlds.

    You can always try those anti-fog glass cleaning stuff they have for cars. Rainex or something might work as well.
  10. Don't use rainex!!!!
  11. It depends on the day/night, but usually i just leave it slightly ajar (don't close it firmly).
    Of course, that's if the hemet vents are'nt enough.

    Be careful not to open it up all the way when it's foggy, or the inside of the screen will be wet with condensation, and you'll never see straight till you stop and wipe it. That's a pita.
  12. With my arai you can leave it slightly open - literally sitting against the seal but not latched down. When combined with open eyebrow vents, does a good job except right where your nose blows on it :p.
    If i know its going to be antartic conditions though, usually a drop of dishwashing liquid smeared over the visor does the trick - make sure you get a odourless one though as those fragrances can do your head in!
  13. my new helmet (Vemar) has a little adjustable vent at the front which is supposed to direct a stream of air up the inside of the visor

    I've yet to try it, though .....
  14. Open face helmet, i dont have fog problems, Just bugs,
  15. Umm...i think i'd rather have the fog problem, mate. :)
    (how do ya handle those big juicers?)
    I used to open face it, way back, and when i cop them now with the full-face, it brings back some gnarly memories! LOL
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