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How do u convince the parents to let u get a bike :?:

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RiceRocket, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. Hey wat up yall'

    Im still livin at home and everytime a mention gettin a bike i seemed to be looked down upon like i wanna end my life early. Any u guys or girls got any fancy statitics bout how safe :wink: motobikes are that i can throw at my parents to try and convince them to let me get a ride


    Ricerocket 8)

  2. no stats will ever convince a parent .
    my sons can have a bike when they are 35 , not before.

    2 ways of doing it
    1. dont tell them and buy it and ride up the drive on it

    2. tell them prior then do it.
    ask them to help you make the right choices as you are going to get one so help me do it the right way
  3. Thanks mate, i'll take ur word for it! the second option sounds good! I would do the first except i might be :evil: resented :evil: forever!
  4. another way , its a bit sly thou.
    arrange a harley ride for your parents.
    you know the type where they pick you up and take them for a ride etc .
    they will enjoy them selves and get the feeling of what it is like on a bike, and how enjoyable it is.
    it will then be a little easier for them to understand why you want one.

    your dad will probably want one afterwards :LOL: , maybe even your mum
  5. Yeah, like groberts03 says .. just tell them your 18 yrs old now and are big enough to make your own life decision - good and bad. (the bike is a good one :)) They can either help you with it, or be bludgeoned to death in their sleep one night because you snap and go stir crazy mad because they don't approve of you and don't think your ready to make your own decisions :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Um sounds kinda expensive :cry: i think option 2 is still good!

    Do u guys know of any good leaner bike shops in brisbane. First or second hand?


  7. well one prob with that! im not 18 :oops: im only just old enought to get my leaners but still yeah! thanks for all the advice

  8. tell them the bikes no where near as bad as the full back tattoo you got last month :LOL:
  9. yeah tattoo of a nice lady is a provocative position! that will get them sorted! narr prob just get me grounded and ruin any progress ive made through groberts03 advice

    Thanks n e ways

  10. Hmm, 16 eh. The best advice when starting out is to get the most comfortable bike for you to learn and become a good rider. Don't worry about speed, drags, and 'ricerocket' type 2stroke bikes, if you learn well and become a good rider you'll have plenty of time for that and a lot more bikes to choose from too.

    Have you included your parents in your bike decisions? Maybe if you do so and are looking at non-ricerockets, they may be more ameniable to you getting a bike.
  11. Nar I dont particuly want a rice rocket its just i adopted that nickname after it was given to me as i particiapted in a Harley V's Sports Bike Discusion. I defended the sports bike thus ricey (ricerocket) was given to me!

    Cheers RiceRocket
  12. Yep, this is more difficult if you ain't got experience in a cage. The advice I'll be giving my kids is that they get a few years under their belts negotiating the traffic in a cage, learning the roads before getting a bike. 18yo's generally have a different baseline when it comes to risk and self control compared to 25-30-35yo's.
    Good luck with the bike. Your best chance of gaining acceptance from the folks is sensible decision making and demonstrating a high level of responsibility for your own life and other road users.
  13. Yeah responsiblity always seemes to come bak and bite me on da ass. Owell time for me to grow up :p

  14. Yeah Good Decisions and gettin dad involved seemed to be the best idea! Thanks Guys

  15. I used Ridesmart, i've heard the Queensland motorcycle riding school are good too. I'll send you a pm with more details.
    I got my first bike this year, then told my mum :roll: (i'm older than you too lol)
    But what the others said about driving first, very good idea, when u start it's hard enough concentrating on how to ride, never mind anybody else on the road!
  16. Another tactic as you seem to be stumbling across is getting the old man interested (unless he is a complete tool of course). Convince him to start riding as well.
  17. Yeah, our family has got plenty of cars to pick from so yeah i learn in one of them and just have some "carpark" or "backstreet" practice on the bike
  18. Do what I did - move interstate and tell them once you've done it! :D
  19. Not a bad idea what the others have said. Drive for a few years by which time the road rules will be ingrained in your brain.

    But hangin out for that long can be painful. I never rode a dirt bike but others may be able to comment on the advantages of riding these dirt bikes prior to the 200km+ road bikes.

    BUT, and there's always a BUTT!!! :) I'd never rode a bike. any bike! did the NSW riding course, bought my bike brand spanking new and rode it home. (not wise, dropped it once at slow speed when the car i was following pulled over to let the other cars go past, as well as ending up on the side of the road (but stayed upright) when i gave it a bit at an intersection.

    Above all have fun and remember parents think about your well-being not the F-U-N factor.
  20. Yeah, I did that too...

    I started from scratch (never touched a motorbike before) a few months ago - best thing I did in a LONG time (a lot of that is due to Netrider as well - thanks everyone!).

    I'd personally suggest learning the road in a cage, and then getting the bike, but Ashes has a good one - if you can get Dad involved, it will be easier. I expected my father to shoot my on sight when he found about the bike - he's actually pretty supportive.

    Make sure you have the BEST protective gear you can afford, and get a "normal" bike to learn on, rather than something that LOOKS like it will go Mach 1, OR something that looks like it came from "Easy Rider". Parents believe stereotypes - if they think your bike looks like a bikie gangers ride, they'll assume you're turning into their preconception of one.

    Also, IF you get the bike in the end, find some Netriders to come on a group ride with you, and let your folks you riding as part of a group. They'll probably feel safer. Most people here are very supportive of new riders, and very helpful too.

    Best of luck in getting this done. Its definately worth the effort - I wish I'd gotten into it sooner.