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How do speed cameras work?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by da_matrix, May 20, 2007.

  1. No smart ass answers! :p

    Im asking because in Vic, Melbourne, there are sometimes these bomb cars parked on the side of the freeway and i was wondering if they were camera's

    I was wondering how they get you, can the scan ya from the front?
    Because motorcycles dont have plates on the front.

    Or do they scan ya from the back? so when ur over it takes a picture of your vehicle + plates.

    Since these cars are quite easy to spot, im wondering why people dont speed more :LOL:

    PS Im a good boy
  2. They thrive on the suffering of motorists...

    sorry couldnt help myself :D

    Some cameras are designed to take pictures of the back, and some take from the front. Hard to tell really, but be careful as most cameras nowadays are starting to take shots of the back, since some us have been abusing our right as motorcyclists :) Which i havent been doing....yet.
  3. how they work

    How they work is they bend you over right...
    Then they :bannanabutt:
    Then YOU pay for it...
  4. They take two photos with a set interval in between of course. They have markings on the road usually so they can tell how far you've travelled in that time (this interval is very small), and computer can work out what speed you were going based on that. If you were speeding it logs and saves it.

    But this isn't from anywhere, I'm just assuming it works the way you'd think it would :)
  5. The fixed speed cameras detect the speed of vehicles by using piezo electronic detectors embedded into the road surface. These piezo detectors deflect slightly when a vehicle is driven over the detectors, which then triggers an electronic device that accurately measures the speed of the vehicle. If the speed of the vehicle exceeds the legal limit then a digital picture is taken of the offending vehicle.

    These little devices are very smart...

    If a vehicle is detected speeding, a digital image of the vehicle is recorded onto a disk from which all details regarding the speeding vehicle can be extracted. The image clearly shows the colour, type, make and number plate of the vehicle. Fixed digital speed cameras have the capacity to measure speed in both directions.

    Digital images also include the following particulars:

    Date of the offence
    Time of the offence
    Location details of the camera which took the picture
    Direction of travel of the offending vehicle
    Speed of the offending vehicle
    Speed limit applying to the road where the camera is situated
    The lane that the vehicle was travelling within
    Other security and integrity parameters

    and did you know...

    - A speeding vehicle can be detected and photographed even if it is within a line of vehicles. The angle at which the cameras are set enables pictures to be taken even if another vehicle is in close proximity.

    - The camera recording device is inspected every 30 days and the speed-measuring device is inspected at least every 12 months in line with current legal requirements.

    Thank the RTA for the above info.
  6. and heres the Victorian Slant

    The mobile cameras in Victoria use the Gatsometer MRC system, referred to as the "Gatso Type 24 MRC Slant Radar". It measures the speed of a vehicle travelling in either or both directions, and takes a photograph of anyone going faster than the speed limit.

    The camera and speed measurement device is mounted inside an unmarked car, which is often parked on the side of the road. Sometimes, the camera is mounted on a tripod. An operator sits in the vehicle to monitor the camera while it is operating.

    I got this from HERE
  7. Yeah we have those in NSW also, they often park in unmarked cars hidden in the bush. :mad:
  8. So how do the non fixed ones work? :grin:
  9. Non fixed are referred to as Mobile Speed cameras, as above
  10. i frequently see unmarked's on the side of the road, and on the front end they have this black thing that looks like a solar panel about the size of a numberplate on the front, ive been ld to believe these are also sped detection devices used for camera's.
  11. Doesn't explain how its measured?
  12. do the mobile ones work at night?
    and do they nail both lanes llol.

  13. The give away is the big black box sitting on the dash on the passenger side and the operator sitting in the passenger seat.
  14. Non fixed speed cameras work on a radar detection i am sure. It detects your speed and then if the speed is set at 50 and you are doing 55, click a nice pic is taken. So it will only take a pic of the you from the way its facing. If you are heading towards it, from the front. If you are heading away then from the rear. Now one thing to remember is, it doesnt always work. I am to believe, and yes even to this day that they are not 100% efective. Used to be 50%, but i am sure these days would be slightly better.
  15. No one has mentioned that the car must be no older than two years old, so you can sort of work out if it's a speed camera or not.

    Those old bombs on the side of the road are probably there because they're dead. Of the driver got done for drink driving.
  16. Yeah, not 100% effective. Ive been flashed a few times by cameras and not recieved any fines.

    One time I saw the commodore sitting by the side of the road and thought, "thats a speed camera" as I was passing it and turned my head to get flashed in the eyes. In my rage I sped off down the road and passed another one a few kms later at about 140, but thankfully that one didnt go off. Didnt get a ticket - lucky. I dont speed much anymore but thats probably because Ive only got 1 point left. Yes I know Im a knob.

    I heard that some fixed cameras upload the pictures to the central database so that if the camera is 'damaged' then they dont lose the data. Not sure how true that is though. I guess its to stop you getting nicked then coming back at night and burning the damn thing down...
  17. i suggest you dont cross the border and speed they can use whatever they want over here seen 4 different sigmas, ea falcons, a vk wagon
  18. Ronin, the solar panel looking thing is the radar unit. The camera is inside the car with the thief... umm...err... operator :oops:
  19. if you go fast enough they can take a photo of you :)

    or doing a mono
  20. Except for the stationary ones, which someone explained earlier use sensors in the road (and hence are not exactly speed 'cameras', if we want to be pedantic), they all work using the Doppler effect for speed detection. Some use radio waves and some use laser (light waves).

    The wavelength of the waves is changed when they're reflected from a moving object, and the degree of wavelength change allows the speed to be measured. With the very short wavelengths used, only a microsecond measurement is needed, so there's really not much point jumping on the anchors when you see them. Then some photograph back and some front... haven't had any fines so far here in Queensland so haven't seen any photos.