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How do LED electro pod lights work?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jaqhama, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I may want to put some LED pod lights on Lin's bike to make it easier to see from the sides at night.

    What are LED pod lights?

    How do they work? Run off bike battery? Own power source?

    How do you turn them on and off?

    How do you attach them to the bike?

    What's the deal with using blue ones in regards to them being Police and emergency color coded?

    Does anyone know of a shop in Sydney that a wide selection to choose from?

    Thanks in advance: Jaq.
  2. When I spoke to a TMU member earlier this year, he told me that they were working on introducing legislation that outlawed LED's and Neons.
    Offence being "using lights other than those prescribed" or somesuch.

    This was after we both saw some DoofDoof mobile with the wiper nozzles fitted with LED's that cycled through 3 different colours.
  3. I think they're a good idea for putting on the sides of a dark bike for use at night.

    How can they possibly outlaw something that may save lives?

    Of course I realise they're just robotic morons who never had an original idea in their entire existence.

    I don't think it will be a problem in NSW, our RTA seems a mite easier going than the Victorian version.
  4. You're worth more money Sled, always said so mate.
    You on the cell phone?
    I'll give you a ring in 30 minutes?
  5. Same way they made wire rope barriers acceptable!
  6. And this USA site for bikes ,it's got pics for puting it on ,looks very basic.


    You should see all the trucks on the highways ,there lite up like cristmas trees ,it might not be "neon" ,but with 50 small green or yellow lights all over the front of there trucks ,they would all be booked.??? eveyday.
    But 100000000 trucks a day go up the highways ,and the cops are after them for bald tyres over loads ,they wouldn't be asking for more attention iif it was ilegal.??

    Yeah im at home call up in the mobile :grin:
  7. ummmmm they already have a law like that in nsw i think. I believe it comes under the "may dazzle another driver" law - i read it the other day
  8. And we need the law in Vic. I'm sick to death of being blinded by the bullshit fog lamps fitted to many new cars. It's particularly evil in wet weather - when even the properly adjusted ones reflect off the road and blind you. They really need to stop people from using them as vanity lights. :p
  9. I don't think they can do anything about LED's on bikes, provided they are the legal colors, otherwise semi trailers would be getting pulled over every hour for the amount of orange lights they have down the sides of thier trucks.

    I agree with Sled on that point.

    You can have orange lights down the side of your boat and car trailer also.
    Some new cars have orange lights set in the sides of the doors also.

    I'll see how I go.
  10. I have read some where ..... it's also illegal to have signs on your car, truck, bus ect ,as it put the other drivers .

    Anyone else heared of this??????
  11. Those lingerie ads on the backs of buses distract me I'll admit.

    You turn a corner and there's the rear of a bus in front of you with a semi naked young woman sticking her boobs in ya face.

    If that's not distracting I don't know what is.

    Especially in three lanes of heavy traffic.
  12. i think "all those orange lights down the sides of truck" are called running lights or somesuch and are there because the vehicle is over a certain length. which kinda makes sense cause how are you supposed to see a side on 15 metre truck by only it's headlights and tailights? :roll:
  13. Lots of small trucks have them too mate, as (as I said) do some new cars.

    So that's not going to be an argument as far as I can see.

    I have yet to actually go out and peruse some, maybe next week.
  14. So were you being referred to as "The Victim" or "The Offender" at the time :p

    Getting back on topic, running lights are legal and should be Orange towards the front & Red towards the rear.

    Another option is retro reflective tape stripes on the side of the bike but these can also be blocked by the legs of the rider.
  15. But is there any colours of reflective tape that is naughty? I've got small patches of reflective blue tape (2cm x 1cm) on the extremities of the bike. I feel it really helps people see me and thats good enough for me. Some very small amber running lights may also be ok.
  16. Ok ..for the sports bike riders ,that wanted sport bike pics of the neon BLING .
    Look at the 9th picture down ,looks like the bikes running on a nuclear power rod ,LMAO.
    remember it might have 3 or 4 light ,you could tone it down propbably.

  17. Maybe I am turning, but that looks sick! Some red neons might find their way into the GTR I think.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. LED Pods can look very attractive indeed, provided they are done with alittle class and not all Ricer boy bling bling like. I was looking at them in a bike shop in the UK as they had them on the shelf and you could even turn them on to see how they look. You will certainly get noticed with them on as they are quiet bright.

    However, as far as i know they will be deemed illegal. Basically the law does not allow a vehicle to have any non standard lights that can potentially "dazzle other drivers" and unfortunately LED lights and neons fall into this catergory. So unless they are factory fitted i doubt you will be allowed to have them. You never know, seeing as though laws are up to the police persons discretion whether the situation deems enforcement of the law or not you may get lucky if you play the safety card.
  19. Still not 100% on the laws , "read" that in a car forum ,awhile ago when looking for a picture .
    That if the led light "its self" can't be seen ,then in "some states some colours are ok" if you can only see the glow.

    I know crap about eletrics but looks easy to put on ,,and they have a OZ contact for them.

    See theres one look small and cheap .
    See here half way down for the kit ,and instructions . bit of a laught at coffee night ,my bikes the glowing one. LMAO