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How do I turn my yamaha fzr 400 into a track bike?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by damov, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. I have been trying to sell my 1990 fzr 400 with no luck so I am thinking if she doesnt sell I might turn her into a track bike.

    What would I need to do to get her race ready.

    I am assuming take off all indicators and mirrors but what else?

    Here are some detials of the bike and a picture link


    What costs would I be looking at to convert her?
  2. You'd have to wirelock all the fluid drain nuts - ie. the oil sump bolt, the coolant fluid bolt etc... And i think you have to replace your coolant fluid for 100% water - to make sure there are no slips when you crash and drop coolant all over the track!
    Ie you need a good drill and clamp and thin drill bit and some wire, then you should be right :grin:
  3. Thanks FZRSock :)

    what about the lights? Do I have to remove them and replace the front nose cone?

    Do I need special tyres or are the road tyres ok?
  4. If you are just wanting to use it at the track, you don't have to lockwire it or replace the coolant for most track day operators (inc EC & OP tracks). Just take it to the track, tape the lights and mirrors, and scrutineering will pass it if it is in otherwise roadworth condition.

    If you want to race it, different race organisers have different criteria, and you'll certainly need to do a lot of prep. Your bike would be eligible for RB series 400 racing (although not competitive - you could still have fun in CD grade) - check their website on http://www.400racing.com/ and check out the Getting Started section in particular.

    Probably your best bet though would be to race it in the Post Classic series - your bike qualifies for their New Era category, and you can have a lot of fun there without worrying about how fast you are. Check out their website and especially their getting started section - http://www.postclassicracing.com.au/

    If you just want to go for track days though, you are good to go - come and join us at Oran Park on the 20th... see the calendar for details.


  5. The track day idea sounds like a great way to start and then go from there!

    If she doesnt sell I will definately consider doing this it sounds like too much fun!

    I was considering bringing my R6 to the track but have been paranoid that something might happen so at least I could get use to track riding on the FZR and try the R6 later on once I was more experienced.

    Thanks for the advice.

  6. Koma's Recipe for home grown track bike...

    Preheat holesaw, drill, and jigsaw in preparation for procedures.
    Supplies:- Beer, beer, tools, beer, mate (or 2), and a bit of a kooky idea.

    1. Remove all mirrors, indicators, headlights, tail lights, and associated wiring. (SAVE WEIGHT!)

    2. Remove everything else i could that wasn't essential for the bike's operation; that includes any pointless things like the boot under the pillion seat, rear fender, etc, etc.

    3. Replace side fairings with 2 sheet fibreglass race fairings (home made or purchased... depends on the budget), and make up a series of hard plastic (or teflon) slide rails or slide points. This would include the most extreme point on the side fairings, one just underneath the rear seat/above the swingarm, and any others for good measure.

    4. Decals! :grin: LOTS OF DECALS! :grin: :LOL:

    5. Fresh slick rubber... the good stuff, the bad stuff, the cheap stuff - wouldn't really bother me that much as it's likely to end up on the track anyway. :p

  7. No worries damov. If you want to join us, book with circuit breakers using code SVDownunder to get your discount, and email me on technogeekery@inthemix.com.au with your cellphone, and we'll hook up. There are 6 of us (on a variety of bikes) so it should be fun.

    Cheers :)

    PS: most of us are using our street bikes, so if you want to bring the R6 you'll be taking the same chances as us...