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how do i test cbr250rr ignition coils

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by squidman, May 28, 2011.

  1. hey i just want to know how do i test to see if my bikes coils are working properly .. atm i have a cbr250rr which is being repaired and getting it ready for the road but its only running on 3 cylinders and my old mans saying it could be the spark plugs or ignition coil
    sorry if this sounds really nooby but im new to bikes and not really technical with them lol

  2. it's easy. pull the plug out of the head, reattach the lead, touch the electrode onto the frame and hit teh starter. do that for all 4 plugs and leads, and switch out the leads to eliminate a dead lead.
    be careful, if you hold it in the wrong spot it'll boot you across the shed. personally i just put in position by hand then hold it with a piece of scrap plastic from a cracked fairing
  3. thanks man ill try it out tomorrow morning and post up how it went :dance:
  4. Get you mate to stick his tongue on the lead and hold your nuts while you turn it over lol
  5. i've tested each coil by placing the spark plug onto the frame and turning it over, first time i did it i used the spark plugs that were already on the bike and 3 out of 4 fired, 1 wasnt firing at all. then i used my dads old spark plugs from his suzuki katana and tested each coil again and all 4 fired properly with spark.

    so does this mean i just need a new set of spark plugs? i've read the cbr250 manual and i know exactly which brand of spark plugs it needs

  6. Yup, that would sound like a bad plug.
    Way cheaper than replacing a coil pack.

    If it fails again with new plugs, then maybe an intermittent coil pack. But do the plugs first and possibly save some cash.
  7. thanks man apprciate the reply , ill give it a go and post up how it went
  8. 10 points for posting the results. Most just take the info and are never heard from again.(y)
  9. ok so ive bought the spark plugs that were recommended by the service manual , ive put them in and everything and now the bikes starting alot easier than before and is abit more responsive, but its still running on 3 cylinders.
    my dads mate is a motorcycle mechanic he said he would come down this friday to help us take apart the carburettors and clean them all up because he thinks 1 of them could be blocked up, my question is will i need a carburettor kit for the cbr250 and if so how much and where from? :angel:

    wooww go me! lol
  10. You might, you might not. Wait for the mate and ask him.

    Changing out the plugs if the bike has been sitting a while is a good move anyway - even if that wasn't the direct problem. It was something that also needed doing.