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How do I tell if my clutch is on the way out?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Gonadman2, May 18, 2008.

  1. Hi I've got a ZXR-250 and I've got a feeling that the clutch is on its way out. Basically it will flare a little at very high revs (12krpm+) when changing gear's, although it will settle and rev out like normal. It requires very little pressure (just resting my hand on it is enough) on the clutch lever to flare as well which has me thinking that it may not be setup right. Is there any adjustment? Can the oil that the clutch is in be causing this issue? How long to bike clutches normally last?

    Anyway, so just as a precaution where would I purchase another clutch kit from? Its a ZXR 250C '93 model, and I'll be buggered if I can find anything online. And seeing as I live 1000km from anywhere, I don't care where I have to order such parts from. Seeing as we are talking about where to get parts, where might I find a suitable oil filter for my bike? I've tried Repco, K-Mart and our local bike shop (Yamaha only) and none of those could help me.

    Any help appreciated guys!

  2. Not familiar with the bike but I am assuming that it has a cable clutch.

    If so, sounds like the cable needs serious adjustment. There should be a little bit of free play (5-7mm for example) in the lever before you can feel the cable take up slack. The exact amount of free play will be in the service specifications as a recommended base setting.

    There should be some threaded fittings at the lever end of the cable. If you back the locking ring OFF and screw the main adjuster IN to the lever housing, you will create slack in the lever.

    Oils can affect clutch life and feel, and there is a chance that the clutch is wearing out, but start with the basics first!

  3. I adjusted the parts that you explained this arvo and it seems to be better. I'm thinking that at high rev's I'm getting on the throttle a bit earlier than I should. I know when driving my SS the clutch would just clamp on - there would be little to no flare of the rev's when giving it the berries, so maybe its something I need to get used to.
  4. See what it's like with fresh oil.
  5. Thankyou very much for the link and the offer!

    I found an online site that sells oil filters for ZXR-250's called Dyno Bike:


    However its great to see the other website has plenty of parts for this model as well.

    I believe that it was just a clutch cable adjustment that I needed to perform, it worked a lot better on the ride into work this morning, and I had no flaring of revs.
  6. Just keep an eye on the free play.

    There should be about 10mm of free movement at the ball end of the lever. Only after this movement should you feel tension as you pull in the lever.

    It might take a little while for the clutch plates to settle down now.

    One trick is to roughen the steel plates with a steel brush or file. The steel brush should be enough for the friction plates to unglaze them (they will probably be quite shiny.) Of course, the continual slippage could have buckled the steel plates, too, so replacement might be the only way to get the clutch working properly again.


    Trevor G