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How do i start my GS500??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Romus, Aug 5, 2006.

  1. Guys, i have to ask you this. Just bought a 2003 GS500E and have a problem - can't start it. In the dealership the guy started it in a second.

    I turn the key, get the Neutral and Oil lamps on, deactivate the kill switch and press the little knob underneath, and it does absolutelly nothing. No turning, dead engine. The petrol switch on the left next to the seat is at ON, and it's full of fuel. The owner took me around town on it, no probs

    is there a kill switch on GS500 I dont know of??

    Thanks heaps mates, appreciate it greatly!

    PS: what is the yellow knob on the left bar saying PASS??

    I got no manual with the bike, thanks again
  2. Just asking , have ya got the sidestand up?
  3. shit does that matter??? Oh god i feel like an idiot :(

    THANKS HEAPS! :) Ill try now
  4. The yellow knob saying pass is a switch you flick for quick high beam low beam mate.

    People use it to flash other roads users for various things...like a bloke wants to change lanes next to you, a lil in front, u flash to let him know he;s doing it and it's ok.

    It's also great for flashing people who cut in front of you to show your displeasure.

    Starting the bike..hmmm...try this, put the petrol switch on either reserve or prime (you may have no prime)...choke on half, no throttle, press start button, hold it for 5 seconds, if the engine catches turn the throttle about a centimetre, no more.

    If you smell petrol, the carbs have flooded. Turn choke off, hold throttle fully open and hold it in that postion while you hit the start switch for 5 seconds.
    Holding it all the way open will lock the carb and stop any more petrol flowing thru.

    I'll pm you my phone and u can give me a ring mate.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  5. Oh yeah, some bikes wont start with sidestand down.

    Some bikes wont start now with stand down and the clutch has to be pulled in even when the bike is in neutral, u can let the clutch out once it's started.
    (keeping it in neutral of course).
  6. Yea Jaq, that was the case. I put it in neutral and didnt pull the clutch. Just went down to try the side stand, but remembered the dealer turned it on with the side stand too. So out of curiosity I tried clutch :) My god, feel pretty stupid asking these questions.

    Oh and thanks for the PASS button :)

    Still wet and slippery, but im so eager to hop on it :)
  7. You could meet us out at Picton tommorow if it's a nice day. I am guessing you can just take the southern motorway to Mittagong straight down and turn off at Picton?

    But if you are on L plates u will obviously be limited to 80 K on the M/way. Once at Picton most of the roads we will be on are 90 K max.

    So you might want to wait until we have a day ride around town at a slower pace.

    Cheers: Jaq.
    Give me a bell if ya have querys.
  8. Yea mate that's the plan. First and last time I rode was CB250 on the L course. I have no idea how this one behaves, so I'll be around my "hood" for several days. Gotta get to know my new gal first ;)
  9. As soon as I read this thread it bought a smile to my dial.
    My ex had a GS500 and many a time I'd curse the thing for not starting before remembering to hoiik in the clutch :D
    Not a bad bike though in all respects.
  10. Most Suzukis built over the last 10 years will require you to pull in the clutch. Sorta reminds me of riding a scooter :-O