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How do I setup my home alarm to dial my mobile?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robbied, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. It's currently setup to dial no-one, it just goes into the usual alarm.

    Has anyone done this?
    Is it possible?
  2. It's only possible if your panel supports it.
    Generally panels are simple dialers that dial a control room, wait for a handshake and then dump their data and hang up.
    The newer panels are a bit more sofisticated.

    Mine is set to call the monitoring company and then SMS me all of the activity.

    Especially handy when you go away and leave your keys with the neighbour. It tells you when they entered and when they left.

    Which panel do you have installed?

    Mine is a Solution 16+
    Brilliant panel and software.
  3. I'll have to check which one it is when I get home.
    I'll probably have to get into the control box right?
    If so im not sure how im going to go about that since we never got a key.
  4. It's probably on the Silca system in which case a Silka Master key will open it. (I've only got the one, I don't have a spare one though)
    Most panels though are just screwed shut.

    Getting into the box isn't going to help you much unless you have the programming software for it.
    Some of the older panels can be programed through the keypad, others will need to be connected to a laptop to program it.

    Again, if it's just a dumb dialer then you are better off spending $400 on a new panel and just reusing the existing wiring and sensors. You will get a kick arse panel for that money.

    Our company does alarm installs, I can hook you up with one of our installers if you wish.

    Or, if you are handy with a pair of pliers and a scredriver then you should be able to change the panel over yourself. But you will need to program it though, that's where an installer comes in handy.

    Monitoring is cheap these days. Anywhere from $8-10 a week.

    Peanuts really.
  5. Thanks for the info vic.
    The system is around 10 years old.
    I'll see what model it is and try and find a manual on it, see what can be done.
    If the alarm cannot be programmed to dial a mobile I'll just leave it or buy a new one.
    If monitoring is $10 a week then its $520 a year.
    It would make more sense for me to pay $400 for a new system (which can call me). I have family/friends living nearby if im not close.

    What you think?
  6. Just get yourself a realy big fire breathing rotty and teach it how to use a phone....
  7. If you have friends near by then your best option is to fore go the monitoring and just get a decent panel that will page you.

    However, you will still need to pay for the SMS's that are sent to your phone.

    Some panels accept a GSM module (mine does) for premises that need the added security of a back up line where they can't afford a securitel* system, the panel will attempt to dial and if it fails drops back to the GSM module to communicate with the outside world.

    *Telstra's securitel system is one that is polled by the monitoring control room. If the phone lines are cut and the system cannot talk to the control room, it reports a "loss of comms" and goes into alarm.

    Or you could go cheap and nasty and get one of these