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How do i sell my bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by frank3, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. sorry guys for stupid query, but how do i go about selling my bike?

    I know i need to advertise, but my specific query is around a couple of items?

    Firstly, do i need to provide a RWC?

    Secondly, do i allow people to test ride my bike. I have asked friends and some said no-way and others said i need to just like selling a car.

    I want to sell my 2010 Hyosung gt650s so the people i would be attracting are new riders. So if i allow people to test ride do i take a deposit off them in case they damage my bike?
  2. Your insurance does not cover the bike for theft if you gave the guy the keys..
  3. Hold their wallet or their own car/bike keys while they test ride. something that they would have to come back to get. If they refuse to give you something to hold you refuse them a test ride.
  4. why not get them to turn up to a morning prac day on a sat morning, when they turn up and see 30 bikes, advise that a scratch on the bike will result in 'help from friends' lol plus they can join us when they buy the bike!! Free lessons thrown in the sale? not a bad idea...
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    I see it going like this........

  6. Make sure they have a license, and write down the time they left and the time they get back, and their license details, that way when the tickets start arriving in the mail you have someone to hunt down and dismember.
    Also if they get caught doing 40? ks over the limit you lose your bike for 30 days as well under the hoon laws.
    Sorry mate, i cant take the risk of someone getting caught doing the wrong thing on my bike..
  7. Always a problem, people want to test ride and that's fair enough. Two issues, they could nick off or they could drop it. The first can be dealt with by getting them to leave their license. The second is more tricky, if you ask for a deposit it will turn some people away, if you get a written pre ride agreement on damages you still need to chase them for payment if they damage it. Sometimes you just have to trust in fate and people's honesty. :(

    RWC, you can ask a higher selling price if you have one but you can sell without. They just won't be able to register it until they get one.
  8. Personally num!pty?hyo I would insure it for more than its worth than pay someone to run off with it!
  9. I've seen plenty of people suggest that the "deposit" be the asking price of the bike. (Yes some people will balk at this, but some will not).

    One tip I saw was to meet in the car park / out front of the local cop shop. I can imagine that having a "weeding out" effect...
  10. thanks guys.

    my biggest concern is the bike will attract new riders because it is a LAMS. Being a newbie with a heavy bike it stands a high chance of being dropped.
  11. IF you are considering letting a potential buyer have a test ride;

    ask them for their name, address and date of birth...write it down, then ask to see their licence and make sure the details match;
    make sure he/she turns up in their own car, and leaves the keys with you after verifying it is their car. (And that the car is equal or greater in value to the bike);
    View their licence and make sure it is endorsed for them to ride. You can't keep their licence if they go for a test ride, as they need to carry it with them;
    Have someone with you with a car and follow the person maybe;
    Be cautious if it's an interstate licence

    If they are serious, tell them to bring the cash for the bike...you hold onto that whilst they go for their test ride.

    Mind you, some may just be happy to hear it start and rev, and watch you do a lap around the carpark, especially a learner.

    Here's a NR link - where it actually was stolen by someone taking it for a test ride https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=97908
  12. Just remember when you write down the details off the Licence to get the Licence Number.

    If they are going to pinch your bike they sure as sh*t won't have their current address on the Licence.

    Another thing you can ask them to leave is a credit / ATM card. You can't do much with it but it sure stuffs them around if they don't have it.
  13. Be upfront in the add & maybe say that you'll need to hang onto specific items for a deposit if any test rides are required? Tricky one that!
  14. Generally I would refuse a test ride till we agree on the price and any other terms in the contract (including the term that they pay if they damage the bike), the buyer has to sign the contract (depending to the test ride or having the bike checked by a mechanic) and leave a (substantial) deposit. If they are not ready to sign/commit, they are not serious about the purchase.
  15. When I went out to buy a bike, I test rode 4 of them without the seller really questioning me. I thought that was rather bold, but being honest, I gave the keys to my car and my phone, rode the bike around the block a couple of times and came back. Never had an issue...there are risks, but there are also people out there who are still honest.

    Some times new riders tend to come with a friend to look at bikes. If they do, make sure you get both of their details and also make sure, you have your eye on the mate or take the keys to the car...or a situation as linked above by xsploder can occur.
  16. It's trickey, but I wouldn't buy a bike I couldn't test ride. Even as a learner. It is a chance you have to take.

    Screening people over the phone is a good start. Try to filter out the tyre kickers. If they sound dodgy (use your intuition, it is better then you give it credit for) then subtly turn them off it. If it is a 250 or otherwise LAMS approved, the learner is your BEST market so embrace them :)

    Beyond all that, you can organise to meet them somewhere they can test ride it. Like a large, *empty*, car park. This also prevents people who come to look at the bike purely so they can break in and steal it later on.

    Finaly, say up front that it is a break it and bought it deal. Full asking price.

    Good luck!
  17. I just bought a Hyo 650.. As I'm on my learners I didn't even want to take it for a test ride cause I didn't wanna risk damaging it. I took a friend and got him to test ride it for me.

    If it's a noobie they aren't gonna know what is going on during a test ride anyway.. Tell them to bring someone more experienced to test ride it for them. They will be a better judge anyway, so both parties are happy.
  18. a lot of good advice. thanks guys.
  19. Are you licensed to pillion? might sound odd but I've bought a car after just taking a ride in the passenger seat.
  20. novel....thanks