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How do I sell a motorcycle?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Widget, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. hey guys,

    I have a 2008 Suzuki GS500 (naked blue/black) that I'm wanting to sell, though I'm really unsure of how to sell a motorcycle. I've only ever sold a car once on Gumtree.. which was painless.. but I feel as though a bike is different.

    It's currently registered in QLD, but located in NSW. I hadn't any plans to ride it back to QLD to sell. Someone suggested re-registering it in NSW, but the cost of the CTP+rego for 12months would probably be about $500. (maybe I'de get $100 back from the rego thats left on qld.. if they allow that?)

    That aside, how do you allow test rides? I read stories of people taking off with the bike... do you get them to leave a (full) deposit ?

    Has anyone sold their bike interstate before? Dramas? Tips?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. You have a couple of obvious options,
    -Cashout your existing rego and sell unregistered (pain for buyer)
    -Sell sight unseen and have it freighted to a QLD buyer (expensive)
    -Take a holiday and ride it up, perfect if you have some buyers lined up.

    When I do test rides I always take a scan of the licence (check for motorcycle endorsement), confirmed contact details and have them leave something valuable in my possession as a deposit/excess/guarantee they will return, cars/loved ones generally work well!

    Depending on whose wanting the test ride depends on how much they leave or if they get one; if they seem genuinely interested in the bike, prior riding experience, have cash in hand. Don't feel pressured if they don't have experience (new learner), tire kickers and those with no intentions of buying.
  3. How much do u want for it ?
  4. Look at the other comparable bikes. Price your one competitively I.e make it the best value. Gumtree and bikesales are the two places almost everyone looks so use one or both. Take good photos. Write a good description.


    For the rego issue. Just knock that money off the price and if as above its priced very competitively you'll find a buyer.
  5. My vote is for Gumtree.

    I recently sold my scooter there and had an overall good experience. There were 3 parties interested, 2 came to see the scooter and the second ended up buying the scooter. Sometimes it depends on your luck about the potential buyers.

    Ask them lots of questions before agreeing to meet up with them and be prepared to have a lots of negative comments before selling your bike : )

    Eventually the right buyer will come and deal will be made : )

    Good luck.

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  6. Gumtree for me. Sold my last bike on there. Sold within a week. Didn't cost me anything to advertise. As mentioned previously, have a look at what other GS500's are going for on there of similar year and k's, then work out how quick you want to sell it and price accordingly. With my sale the buyer put a deposit on it without riding it, he just looked at the overall condition and started/revved it. When he picked it up and handed over the cash I told him to take it for a 10 min ride to make sure he was happy with it before I stuck the money in my pocket and said farewell. I had nothing to hide and he thought the thing was the most insanely powerful thing ever (it was an 03 gsxr1000 and he was stepping up from a clapped out SRAD gsxr750).
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  7. If you are in northern NSW then it is quite likely a Queenslander will come and see the bike. It is no big deal to change rego to NSW if the bike is OK. Better to sell it registered.
  8. I recently sold my CBR600RR on Bikesales. No problems with the service/process, but I did sell without an RWC, and thus had to make sure that I had an agreement signed by the new owner to cover any fines etc that he could have acrued while it was in his possession and transferring the rego. Have a look at the associated government sites for the acceptable methods and associated documentation.
    If you have an add, make sure you keep it up to date and check on it regularly. This can help keep it in the latest searches for interested parties. Only allow test rides once a price is negotiated and agreed, and make sure the user is licensed, and if possible take a picture of their license, keep the keys to their car or bike or something of value. Don't forget, your insurance may not cover test rides so check with them to see if they cover casual riders. Finally, if you do allow a test ride, do it from a place close to your home, if not actually from you home. If the rider does crash or steal the bike, at least you don't have far to go.
  9. #9 Widget, Sep 2, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2015
    Thanks guys :)

    I'm actually located in the Hawkesbury (west of sydney).

    I had a look around on bike sales and gumtree, seems the gs500 range from $3000 > $5000. Will look more into it and price accordingly.

    Just out of interest, obviously it depends on inspection, but if you saw this bike, what would you think a good value for it might be?

    2008 Suzuki GS500 (naked, blue-black)
    22###km on the odometer
    no crash
    Has been dropped, very minor damage (cosmetic)
    minor scuffs/chips from sticks stones and drop
    oggy knobs
    Ventura rack and bag, both in good condition (bad slightly faded from use, but no other damage)
    Aftermarket windshield, few minor scratches from road debris
    Rego expires 12/15

    New front/read brake pads and fluid (300km old)
    Serviced 500km ago (oil + filter)

    **self serviced, not service centre, will that be a negative?**

    *might need new tires (soon).. at least the front.. will get it checked out. rear was new @ 16k/km*

    Mechanically runs great (recently rode to Bathurst and back, no issues)

    I was originally planning to advertise at maybe $4500 (with the expectations of haggling), though would like around $4k. Not sure if thats a high expectation or not.

    [edit] just a note, I'm not actually insured.. which I think 'could' be a problem. I do live in a quite area, in a dead-end-street though, so hardly any traffic.
  10. Just park it on the side of the road with a "For Sale" sign on it.

    I'm sure it will be gone in a few days.
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  11. I have sold two bikes thru bikesales. No problems
  12. As everyone else has said; just put it on Gumtree.
    Its free to post your ad. I put my Ninja 250 on Gumtree; within 4 hours I had received a phone call, was picked up the next day.
    Hold their car keys while they take it out for a ride, as well as getting a copy of their licence (be sure to check if there has been a change of address sticker on the back).
    With regards to the rego; I personally am not a fan of purchasing unregistered bikes (or cars for that matter). Your best bet would be to transfer the rego to NSW and take the added cost into consideration when posting up your advertised price.
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  13. Hey guys,

    I've yet to decide whether to register in NSW or ride back to QLD, but I put a post on Gumtree about 2weeks ago, have had 186vists but not inquiries. Just wondering, if anyone has a spare moment, would you be able to check out the post and see if there's something I should do to improve?


    Thanks again, much appreciated :)
  14. in comparison around the place, maybe your price is not as competitive as it should be?
  15. Tell anyone from an oil rig or remote mining site buying it for their father or whatever to get stuffed.


    They even have a way now of ringing from overseas and making it look like an they are calling from an aussie number, and emails can be from anywhere.

    Anything where you never see the buyer is fraught with massive danger. I just say local buyers and cash only. Or bank cheque with receipts from the bank for serious coin sales.

    Never really had an issue, apart from some time wasters, including one that said 'but I can buy a car for cheaper than that'???

    Mind you, there are some genuine people still out there. Against all our advice, A relo bought a mint Corvette from Nevada (obviously unseen and Western Unioned a small ransom stateside). All of us were waited with baited breath on a ship arriving at Port Kembla, and relo drove hours to get there. Amazingly the car was there, and apart from a few minor disappointments, largely as described. It can happen, but I would never risk it.
  16. Sorry for the unfinished post above, I too was getting some errors.

    I thought of that, but wasn't too sure. There were a few cheaper bikes, but seemed to have a higher odo reading, or earlier model (maybe that doesnt matter too much, pretty much the same bike throughout the years) or less features. I also tried to add extra expecting a haggle. NSW from what I saw at the time seemed cheaper on bikes than qld.. so I might see how it goes, otherwise maybe ride to qld and try sell there.
  17. Your add is very strangely written. The way it's written is tedious and makes you sound strange. Delete the bit about scammers as they won't deter scammers and will only deter buyers.

    You ask questions in your ad. The bit about rain and dropping seems silly to me. Could be summed up as. Some minor cosmetic damage from a small drop that doesn't affect the overall appearance. Has always been parked undercover.

    You mention the qld rego a few times mention it once.

    Your add focuses on negatives and makes it sound like a bad bike.

    I would suggest putting an add up in qld say where you live now and that your happy to ride to qld for a serious buyer.

    And most importantly the price is too high.

    Hope that helps!
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  18. Thanks for the feedback, CBF'd :). tried to be informative lol, didn't realise the ad came off that way. Ill redo it it and make it a little more 'to the point'. :)

    Thanks again :)