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How do I ride my RS???

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 125rider, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Recently bought an Aprillia RS 125 2004 against all the advice and now having a bit of trouble with it...LOL By the way I'm a complete novice when it comes to bikes which makes the decision all the dumber but the bike just looked so awesome I couldn't help it.

    I find that once I've been riding for a bit it starts to splutter a bit in the lower gears and eventually starts cutting out on me especially in first, say when I'm rolling up to a red light. I know it's not good to ride around in low revs but just curious what sort of revs I should be riding it with in what gears/speed etc. I mean am I suppose to drive the whole time in and around the power band?

    Also I find that in neutral the engine will just die out on me when it's idling if I'm not reving it. This didn't use to happen is this normal? How do I change it?

    Any help will be heaps appreciated don't expect the bike to be perfect but just to be able to ride it not always nervous it's going to cut out and leave me pushing it home.


  2. before people go suggesting all sorts of idle mixture and tuning things.......

    simple question that made a hell of a lot of difference with an rs250 i rode... you're not riding it 'round with the choke on are you coz they don't like it!!
  3. No. Although it's the sort of thing I can see myself doing.
  4. hehehe i did it that's why i asked.
  5. fouled spark plugs. you need to ride 'em hard or you will foul your plugs.

    that or mixture........
  6. Hmmm a delicate problem... have you tried kicking it? :LOL:

    I've never ridden a 2 stroke, but everyone does say you pretty much have to be in powerband, its all or none - don't know if they were exaggerating there or not though..
  7. Now be serious Phizog, if you don't have .....

    oops sorry :LOL:

    Sounds rather like its being ridden to slow in gears and loading up the plugs, I don't know the bike but most would need to be revved through the gears a bit to keep them running clean I would imagine.

    Either that or ...... have you tried kicking it :grin:
  8. Plugs foul up easlily unless u flog the bike. Keeping the revs up burn alot of the oil up. My tip would be to clean out the powervalve covers. If u open it and lots of black carbon oily stuff comes out, means u arnt riding it hard enough. Clean it out oftn . It will make the bike run better. Also check that ur clutch is not engaging when fully pulled in. Idle adjustment is right.

    What oil are u using? Fully synthetic works a treat. Not crappy mineral stuff. I been using Castrol TTS on my rgv and it make a huge difference compared to other stuff i used in the past. More resposive and smother.

    Just another tip, before u put the bike away. Give it a bit of revvs. This will help to clear the plugs. Get urself a manual and learn how to keep it running sweet.

    Good luck
  9. when was the last time u fillrd it up? Might be out of petrol?
  10. basically, it works like this.

    you start to rev your bike - the air/fuel/oil mixture goes through the cycle doing its job. it does not completely burn because the oil in the mixture is not actually igniting, but being expelled as exhaust. when your revs pick up, closer to powerband the oil in the mixture begins to burn along with the air/fuel. this is what produces the intense powerband that 2strokes are known for.
    if you dont hit this point in the revs often enough you will have residual oil left in the combustion chamber, which richens any mixture entering and also fouls your plugs by not enabling the spark to jump the gap between anode and cathode.
    also, you may notice a little moisture or unburnt oil being gently spat out of your exhaust.

    take her out, give her a new spark plug and give her a good run, she'll love you for it.
  11. Couple of quick things:

    1. Do check the idle adjustment - but perhaps atfer changing to a clean plug, synthetic oil and giving it a rev. If it's still cutting out at low revs then it might be the idle screw...

    2. Be careful out there if you're an absolute novice and we're advising you to rev the ring out of a quick 2-stroke! Do it in a way that's safe and healthy. Remember, you can get it into the powerband in first and second, then ease off through the higher gears. Don't feel like you have to go all the way to top all the time, either - around town, keep it in lower gears a bit so you're hitting that powerband more frequently.
  12. An '04 RS125 shouldn't be too much of an problem with normal riding, they're pretty advanced - 2 strokes, nowadays.

    It might be somethnig as basic as fouled up slightly due to lots of 'just off idle' city riding. An afternoon riding about in the country on open roads should fix that up.

    I think these bikes are oil injected so low revs/ open throttle may means heaps of oil is being pumped into a slow revving engine causing slightly irregular running & idling.

    I love the 2-stroke engine - more power than any other type of engine configuration with essentially one moving part (not including the reeds or rotarty value). Make's 4-strokes feel like a diesel in comparison.

    How to ride an RS125: I think you need to spend more time on longer country runs where you'll get the opportunity to understand the engine characterisstics.
  13. cheers guys,

    You were right took it out today and flogged it and it went like a dream. Very impractical bike but sooo much fun. From now on I'm only using Castrol TTs not sure what the past owner used. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Yeah! That's the way, glad you had fun. The 125's have a powerband smaller than a gnats knob, but still a great way to ride the hills.
  15. all other advice aside, i've noticed my rs125 has a really tall first gear, needs a bit of some clutch clutch rev rev
  16. What does it wind out to?
  17. not sure exactly, 60ish?
  18. That isn't eactly tall compared with some of the larger bikes around...rumours have it that the r1 runs out to 180km/hr in first. My r6 does way past 60,just to put your mind at ease regarding length of 1st gear ratio, so it certainly isn't anything strange.

    However 2 strokers may be different
  19. 180km/h in first, i don't know i've heard rumours that their speedo is out by 40km/h top end.

    i get 146-150km/h in first on my little bike, and the gsxr1000 06 gets like 160km/h.

    but all big bike talk aside 60ish in first is pretty good.
  20. Two strokes love to REV. The more you rev the more lubrication passes through the engine as the oil is in the fuel. At least on the older two stroke engines, the RS 125 is probably more advanced