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How do i protect my Tank against a tank bag

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by wideone3, May 4, 2016.

  1. So I've had a tank bag for 6 months or so now and i definitely couldn't live without however it is causing some damage and black marks on my tank. Whats the best way to protect it without spending too much money. I've seen fairing protection layering you can put on but i know thats hundreds if not thousands to do. Also don't want something super obvious like a piece of cardboard underneath.

  2. i trimmed a old bed sheet and throw it over the tank before I put the bag down...stops the magnets scratching the tank and always a handy thing to have on the bike.
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  3. You can use clear Contact adhesive film, the stuff you put on benches. Just cut it to the shape of the tank.
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  4. procycles hornsby had some type of clear film on one of their demos, I didn't ask what it was but it could have been as Nick LingNick Ling suggested
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  5. I have one of the QuickLock bags on the VStrom and can highly recommend it. On the DR, the other tank bag I have is held on with a strap system and it came with some of the clear contact stuff (not that I've used it) so no magnets.
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  6. Probably going to look into the clear film. The tank bag i have is something i love and it was pricey when i first bought it ($140) so don't really want to get another one. Will just find something. Heading into Procycles tomorrow anyways to get a new backpack. (can't decide between Ogio or the Kreiga) so will ask em then
  7. Kriega everytime. Get the waterproof version.

    ETA: I've got one you can borrow for a week or so if you want to try a Kriega for size.
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  8. they had it upstairs on a red S1000R a couple of weeks ago - please let us know what they say
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  9. It's a bit on the carpet side, but Bunnings sell a non slip pvc mat that you can cut to shape and put under it. Or the film. Supercheap or Autobarn sell it in tank sizes (I think. I had it on my old bike but don't use a tank bag much anymore)
  10. Easy, get a rubber waffle placemat for a few bucks.
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  11. I used some clear contact left over from covering our kids' schoolbooks.
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  12. This is an ok solution, but from my experience, remove and replace it every few months. I left it on for a couple of years and it degraded to such a point that I was left with just flakes of plastic and hardened gum stuck to the tank. Hard work to clean off. Much easier to remove before it degrades too much.
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  13. That's what I bought to put on my tail of the s1000r so my tail bag don't wear out the paint.

    Easy to apply and cut very easy to remove and is invisible .
  14. Givi Tanklock.
  15. Pah................. just borrow somebody else's bike and don't worry about it
  16. I put a microfibre cloth under mine.
  17. So I bought some paint protection stuff from auto one which was super fiddly, very obvious and didn't stick well so that was $30 down the drain. But found some sticky back plastic from school books and cut out some little squares. Paired that up with some rubber bits that we has left over from.the bottom of the sofa and wallah. I guess we will see how it goes. If it comes off in a week I'll continue my search for something better. That 3m tape sounds appealing.
    Thanks everybody
  18. wideone3wideone3 did you make it to Procycles by any chance?