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How Do I Post Pics Of My New Ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fuggit, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Well i've got pics of my new bike and i'm a wonderin how the hell i get them posted on here :-k

  2. C'mon Nigel, it's only 5 bucks and you get a real pretty membership card! (I'm number 1666 - oooh boogy boogy!!!)
  3. gee Paul i've got one as well but your number is better bugger
    i've tried xxsteve's idea about too gin around on this image shacko thingo[/quote]
  4. I'm 747. Eat your heart out incitatus!

  5. A man of lesser stature would be jealous.....
  6. stuff the image shack thingo i don't know which http wwww wheres my fuggin pic it is :evil: :roll: ](*,) i've uploaded to nertrider
  7. Mods will take a couple of days to "ok" the pics, mate, and then we can see the beast in all its glory...
  8. ditto

    Cheers 8)
  9. I think it has ben posted before But I think there is a thing such as a new bike smell :D or maybe its my helmet or maybe my nose is close too something else :roll:
  10. Oh the "New Bike Smell" question. yes, it HAS been posted before and Yes, it DOES exist, and yes, there's NOTHING like it....almost makes going into debt to smell it worthwhile!!!
  11. I'd happily go into debt again for that new bike smell 8)
  12. um i'm on dial up :oops:
  13. Your Pics were approved earlier today.