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how do i post an image???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bladewar, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Was wondering how to post an image on the forums, have a few i would like to put up.

    Do i need to upload them onto another website first? or can i upload it direct to the netrider website forum straight from my hard drive...?

  2. http://imagestore.ugbox.net/

    Good place to upload your images. Large images are not welcome on this forum, however, so you might want to consider just posting the links to the images, or posting small thumbnails.
  3. how do i make a thumbnail??

    (no cracks about toe clippings, pots and watering)

    errr just tried ugbox, it says images stored are only for ugbox and OCAU forums and that if you use them on any other forums you will get a nasty shock????? wtf
  4. No images allowed - thumbnails or otherwise. Just post the URL's to your images.
  5. Try photobucket.com instead.

    File size is limited to 200kb but it works for me and if I can post pics there and link to them then any idiot should be able to do it :p
  6. Your Internet Service Provider usually gives you access to a certain amount of webhosting space for free.

    If you check out thier website for instructions on how to do this or ring thier call centre they should be able to lead you through the process of how to upload files (including images to you website). If not then get back to us and well see if we can get enough info to you to get it to happen (usually requires an FTP program and login details).

    If you want to create a image gallery (hence your interest in thumbnails) then look around for image gallery generation software. Such as the below one which I was introduce to recently (thanks Kyzmos).


    If your interest in thumbnails is purely to create smaller images (in demensions and also storage size. The a program like the Picsizer might be better suited to the task.


    Using the above software you should be able to generate either a gallery or a collection of smaller images which you can then upload to your webspace on your ISP.

    Once that is up you can then post a link to it on netrider (or any other forum for that matter).
  7. I stand corrected. :)

    Not even 3kB compressed to unrecognisable jpegs? :LOL: