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How do I open my speedometer case?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by deXtrous, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hey folks.. somehow the needle that reads my speed has broken off at the base. God knows how it happened.. The piece isn't even in the case, so there must have been an air gap somewhere.

    Anyway, I need to put a new one in as I can't read my speed any more.

    1. Is it possible to open this case up, as I know the odometer is in there so I guess it's pretty protected

    2. Would any needle be suitable? I guess it would. No idea where to get one though.

    p.s. bike is a zzr250.

    p.p.s I'll take some pics tomorrow in the light.
  2. Usually the glass is held in by the bezel and you need to get in from the front.
  3. A few of us Spada owners have some experience here, since the needles on their guages have been snapping off for years - UV kills them, apparently, and they're damn light to begin with...
    Judging from the photo in foot69's link, there will be a couple of decent-sized nuts holding the entire cluster on. You'll need to disconnect the speedo cable and electrics, then remove the cluster.
    Then on the back of the cluster there will be a number of screws; remove them and the front glass should lift out easily.
    I suspect if you turn the cluster upside down at this point you will find your needle...

    In my case I used a single drop of 2-pack epoxy to glue them back on, and supported the needle with a piece of folded cardboard while it dried - seemed to do the trick and they're still on...

    Oh, and you'll love the digital meters on your "next bike" ;)
  4. That's good bragging rights - I was going so fast I snapped the needle off.