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How do I make it stop?!?!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by skumbag, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Howdy,
    New to riding. Stats are:
    Name: Ken
    Location: Lidcombe, NSW
    My Ride: Kawa GPX 2fiddy
    Experience : Since 1 Sept, so still a n00b although I am on P's.

    So... will these dreams of riding twisties in glorious weather be haunting me for a very long time? Will it ever stop??
    Have hung up my pedal powered 2 wheeler for now; at least until the thrill dies down.


    See you guys out on the road! (y)
  2. I like the intro Ken. Welcome to Netrider bro!

  3. No,once you have tasted two wheel freedom,not just commuting or nicking down to the shops..but a real adventure that has all the right planning..like, "we'll go that way until lunch time then find somewhere to eat".
    Then you'll find that you'll explore a new road home rather than turn around to do the same road again.
    You'll stop somewhere and other riders will pull up to say g'day...and then talk about the roads that they came along..and the roads they are going find.
    When you get home and wash the bugs off you'll be thinking of the roads that you collected them on.
    When the weather is not so good you'll find yourself browsing Google maps for twisty country roads nearby.
    Nup it never stops..glorious aint it?
  4. Here Here. .
    Well said Rabbito.

    Welcome skumbag. (sounds like I'm at work :LOL:)

    Hope you're not though. We have enough :wink: