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how do i join a ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lord nykon, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Ok now this might seam like a stupid question but how do you find out when there is an organised ride on?
    I’m about to get my first bike in QLD and I don’t want to use it to JUST go to and from school but I don’t want to go riding alone and only one of my friends has a bike and she isn’t aloud to spend too much time riding. So I was just wondering if you need to join a club or some thing or if there are some rides that you can just show up and partake in.
    Will I be able to keep up with the bigger bikes seeing I’m going to be on a 250?
    If it is a long ride do they usually stop for the people with lower fuel capacity or dose it depend on the ride organiser?
    And are there many benefits from being in a motorcycle club?
    And any thing else I should know

  2. 1. Organised rides are posted in the Netrider 'Ride and Events Announcement'.
    2. No you don't need to join a club, you need to join THE club; now go sign up for Netrider membership! :twisted:
    3. You'll be able to ride as well as your capable of, if that means keeping pace with the bigger bikes... you'd most likely need to have a fair bit of experience before you'd want to attempt that. Ride at a pace your comfortable and safe riding at.
    4. Depends on the ride - if it's well organised you establish the minimum fuel range of all bikes and then subtract a little bit; this will be your maximum pit stop distance.
  3. 1. Organised rides are posted in the Netrider 'Ride and Events Announcement' and a forum called overclockers , they are a nsw/qld based version of netrider
    2. No you don't need to join a club,
    you wont keep with the bigger bikes so dont try.
    if they are worth riding with they will wait for you at each stop, dont try and keep up as you will just end up dead.
    4. any ride should be orginised around plenty of paterol stops.
    5.yes , brotherhood, mateship,companionship and experiance , wealth and knowledge .
    6. learn from your mistakes, its only a mistake if you dont learn from them and dress to come off .
    regardless of tempreture , gear up , it will save your life , it better to be a bit uncomfortable and alive.
    oh and in qld summer ........drink plenty , riding will de-hydrate you quickly.
  4. You are in on the ground floor; 16 years old and heading to your first bike. How many of us here wish we'd have 'discovered' motorcycling that early; (I was 25).
    You don't need to ride with a group to learn a lot, in fact I'd suggest for the first few months that you ride alone deliberately just to get the 'feel' of riding, learn your manoeuvering skills, etc. Then when you are confident, follow the good advice above.
    Any Queensland Netrider wants to take lord nykon under your wing and mentor him? I'd love to do it if I lived closer :D
  5. I'd love to take lord nykon "under my wing", however I'm a noob too, so I don't think there's going to be much "guidance" happening, it'll be like the blind leading the blind!
  6. Hey demuire, this is Netrider; whenever did lack of experience stop us from passing learned opinions?
    "In a room full of blind men, the one-eyed man is king"
  7. LOL, true that :) I'm going to have to sit and think long and hard to think of some learned opinions though :)

    Oh - here's one. When pushing a bike across a one-way street, remember that the camber of the road change, ie one one side of the road the bike will lean on you, on the other side of the road the bike will lean *away* from you. Hopefully remembering that will prevent you from dropping your bike :)

    Umm... can't think of any others at the moment :)
  8. Another simple one that catches people...

    1. If you wash your bike in one of those hand car wash bays then your brakes will be funny for a while, but more importantly you may have slimy shit on your tyres which can dump you as you ride off into the sunset :shock:

    2. Harley riders don't normally wave so don't be surprised if they don't... most of the time they need two hands to control thier ill handling machines. :LOL:
  9. oh, how cruel of you to remind me of the 'wet tyres at the carwash' scenario, I have been trying to supress that memory for over 20 years...... :sad:
  10. If it's any consolation it got me in 1986 on my first large bike (a Kawasaki GT750).

    The combination of slippery mud and more power than I was used to spun up the back wheel and down I went...

    it has happened to quite a few people, so we aren't alone :oops:
  11. to join organised rides you have to pay your subscription to Groberts who will then use it to issue you with an "I'm a newb so please tease me" tshirt.
    you get to ride at the back of the pack with tail end charlie and if you fall too far behind he pases you and kicks your arse to move faster as you are using up his coffee /ciggie break time.

  12. he's lucky, smee, he's in Qld so he will not have the 'benefit' of the afore-mentioned tuition from the Patriot :D :D
  13. Can I have one that just says "Please tease me." 8) :LOL: