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How do I improve the braking on my XVS650??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by goddie, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Hi, I have been on 3 bikes since Oct07, vtr250, cbr600f and now an xvs650. The cruiser doesnt pull up all that well!! I do understand the baby weighs 230kgs as opposed to the 185 for the 600 and 135 for the 250.
    Is it worth while putting an 1100 front wheel with twin discs on the front?? Will it cost me the earth to do this?? I commute on the bike daily, only about 30ms each way but freeway traffic and tossers make it a frightful experience at times. Any suggestions folks??
    Also is there a decent mechanis or workshop 'trustworthy' in the nth or nth west suburbs of Melb that is good on these xvs650's, have read a nasty experience on the otherside of town and dont want to be screwed over.I know bugger all about bikes, just love riding.

  2. Back is drum brake? Doesn't help much! If its a real issue I'd scrap as much unnecessary weight off the wheels as possible, put braided lines on and if it doesn't have dual front disc brakes I'd certainly put some on.

    Brake system might need bleeding and fresh (and better) pads.
  3. Yep drums on the rear, what do braided line do??
    I got used to the twin discs on the cbr600 and maybe should change my riding a bit, but I figure if the bike can 100kmh it should be able to pull up too!! Whats top speed on these 650's, mine dont seem to go much more over the 120, is that about normal?? Got a bugga of a flat spot at the moment too, maybe service it and see how it shapes up afterwards?
  4. More weight + crappy suspension + bad brakes = LAME. If you have more weight ok, but you need good brakes to keep safe.

    Braided lines give you more 'feel' over what the brakes are doing, and they also have less fade in constant heavy braking (not an issue on the street).

    Cruisers have low top speeds.. my bike is 650cc but it will do 200+ without much effort (apparently..).

    Seriously though, when you get servicing done say your brakes are shit and you want them to service them. They'll probably adjust the lever, bleed brakes and replace fluid and possibly change pads to something better. Someone with cruiser experience should step in now and fill the holes I'm leaving.
  5. Do you have a caliper mounting point on the other fork leg? If not you can forget twin discs unless you want to change the suspension as well?
  6. Get some braided lines and check out 650ccnd.com then proceed to the forums there .pretty sure I seen a 6 piston calliper conversion on there... ask around they know everything about the bike.

  7. Try Evolution or Staffords Yamaha both good places. Replacing front pads with a different compound will help. Braided lines and new fluid will make a differance as well. Braided lines do not expand like rubber lines do so when you pull the lever in all the force is transfered to pushing the calliper pistons out. You should be able to get a little more than 120kph out of a 650. My wife had a 250 Virago and that would do 120 flat out on a straight road with no head wind and it even saw 130 down a hill once.
  8. change the air intake to something better and get a new exhaust sys, dont forget to rejet the carbs.
  9. That'll help the brakes....

    +1 on braided lines and new pads, can make a world of difference.

    After that, it's a bigger caliper and a matched master cylinder.

    After that, it's either a complete new set of forks off a bike with dual discs, or replacing the fork leg bottom, new wheel with mounting points on both sides of the hub, then you need the disc, line, new master cylinder, another caliper.

    So, $200 for option 1. Up to $1500 for option two. F#cking heaps for option 3. (At a guess).
  10. never thoguht about the moutning bracket, bugga!!
    And thanks for the 650 site too, they do know their stuff, will have a browse thgouth and see if I can pick the goddies out.
    thanks agin
  11. The bike's got the noisy pipes on it, it rumbles nicley but getting a bit tired of too much noise (yeah I know, people prefer the noise)
    So the standard plastic filter has been bashed and cleaned (will replace it soon). A tune might fix it up a little, can I ask, for a guide to pricing on service on these things??
    I got a quote for a service and tune $308 without parts, tune only $80. Are these prices realistic?? I would not know thats why I am asking. cheers and thanks for the advise so far, where can I get braided lines from, any bike shop??
  12. See Don Stafford at Stafford yamaha. He has only been doing this for 50 years. What would he know.......? He will be helpful
  13. Spoke to guys at Stafford, $320 for service do ing engine/diff oils, filter, plugs and tune, air filter $37 on top. sounds better deal than Sunbruy Yamaha who wanted $308 plus parts!
    just got work in with their timetbale now,
  14. Spoke to guys at Stafford, $320 for service do ing engine/diff oils, filter, plugs and tune, air filter $37 on top. sounds better deal than Sunbruy Yamaha who wanted $308 plus parts!
    just got work in with their timetbale now,
  15. Cool. Why don't you tell us twice. You will be spanked for that.
  16. No, I dont have a stutter!! sorry bout that.
  17. Thats ok. Thats ok.
  18. If I wanted to get my hands dirty and swap oils and oil filter, other then some new skin on the knuckles, are there and special tools I'd need to do it myself??
    I wouldnt dare play with carbies and things like that, but oil draining and filter changing doesnt sound like rocket science. But more so patience work, have been told the pipes might have to come off for the filter. So planning to tinker for a few hours on a weekend to ensure the baby stays healthy.
    Appreciate all feedback and comments.
  19. They bolt on and off ,do good to have somebody to hold them so they dont scratch having some carboard or a blanket there . some types pipes can be tricky to get on and off so be patient. As for the carbs, it aint rocket science either once you read the how tos all on that 650ccnd site. I suggest a different air kit to partner with the exhaust you have, if i remember right, the options are a similar one to the one you have already [RAK] for a medium air- power increase, then theres pod filters under the tank for a larger increase[GAK] (I have these) or a hypercharger which is about the same increase as a GAK, but you have a big crome air intake hangin off the side... sounds like you have to rejet the carbs for the exhaust so you might as well get the air kit and have it all done. I bet if you do this, you will change your signature
  20. Braided lines are avaliable from most bike shops or off Ebay. If you buy of Ebay they will be cheaper but if from overseas will not have the ADR tag on them which may void any insurance claims you might make.