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How do I get to spark plugs?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by aldrich_87, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Hi, another newbie question.

    Recently met another fella who had same bike as mine. Only his sounded... clean.

    i wanted to change the spark plugs before getting the carby cleaned.

    does anyone know how to get there? It looks as though its behind the radiator...

    or do I need to pull out the chamber for the air filter?

    I have a ZX2R 89 / ZXR250a twin headlights..


    ps.. where should i get new spark plugs from?
  2. Usually not too much fuss - probably have to remove the tank, maybe airbox depending on where it is... whatever else is stacked on top of the motor!

    Google should tell you, might even find a service manual to download.

    I found this forum good when I had the GPX - http://www.ksrc-au.com/
  3. Sounded clean or smelt clean?
  4. Tank off, airbox off, plugs are in underneath.
    Easy job.
  5. This is probably not an "easy" job for someone who doesnt know where to buy spark plugs from.

    OP, good on you for having a crack at it. Wish I could offer some advice.
  6. Yeah, but I did it on the GPX with no prior knowledge. A manual is very handy though.

    Trickiest thing I remember was getting the fuel lines disconnected and fed through the frame without pissing petrol everywhere. Probably worth doing it with a near-empty tank too, as it will be quite heavy and difficult to manoeuvre if full.
  7. Hey guys, thanks for all your help... a bit late though. I couldn't wait. I wasn't keen on draining the tank and taking out the air filter chamber. Instead I just took the radiator out and was able to access the spark plugs easy. Got to flush the dirty radiator water too.

    So far in the past week I've learnt to

    -Respray a bike
    -Drain the tank
    -Replace the air filter
    -Replace Spark Plugs
    -Replace Brake pads

    It's heaps fun. Now i'm looking into getting a project bike. One that I can build from scratch, just don't know where to start.. hmmm...
  8. oh btw. bike sounds so much cleaner. and my exhaust pipe is in my mums dishwasher getting a good clean :]
  9. Bet she's stoked about that! I've posted in your other thread about scrubbing the exhaust up - AutoSol is awesome stuff.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of bikes - the more hands on you get with it the greater the satisfaction you will have, IMO.