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how do i get the goggles inside my helmet?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by slyfox, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. just got some awesome goggles off ebay in the mail today, i just had a mini-wonder in the sun and they rock (why don't i own a pair of sunglasses like everyone else?) :roll:

    anyway, how do you get the bloody things inside the helmet? as you can see in the pic they are a little bulky, is there some technique people use before i go trying to mash them up inside my helmet?

  2. Don't the dirt bikers just string them over the helmet?
  3. It's a bit involved, but here it goes:

    Get a mate to help you with this...
    Put on the goggles, then duct-tape the back of the rubber strap to the back of yer noggin, pull the arms of the goggles off the strap.
    Put on helmet.
    Re-attach the arms to the 2 loose, protruding ends of the strap.
    Get yer mate to grab the goggles with both hands and walk backwards 3 steps, then let go of the things....
    They WILL fit !! Promise !
  4. goggles don't have arms (as shown in the pictures) that's what differentiates them from sunglasses, thanks for the constructive input though :p :wink:
  5. Interesting.

    With dirt bikes goggles you just strap it over the helmet. Which is easy seeing as its an open face helmet.

    With yours i'm not quite sure. Intructions did not come with them?
  6. Am I missing something here, or wouldn't you just put the goggles on first, followed by an OPEN-FACED helmet?
  7. Round peg square hole. Unless you can squeeze the helmet on while you've got them on, sounds like you're sh!te out of luck.

  8. That was my thought too, unless I'm missing something. It's a basic incompatibility, road helmet, dirt goggles. And why would you need to goggles with a full-face helmet, surely the visor is there for that purpose? Not criticising, just musing........
  9. Quite true Paul.
    Sounds like the helmet is too small, or the goggles too wide.
    Unless they're actually snow ski goggles.
  10. linenoise/conny it looks like the dirt bike option is the way to go, i gave it a try and it works fine so thanks for the logical suggestion. it means i can't close the visor but i prefer it up anyway, exept for 100km/h riding.

    there's just no way i can squeeze the helmet over my eyes when the goggles are in place as the helmet is a snug fit (as you would hope) i didn't think of that when i bought it but dirt bike option = problem solved.

    i like the idea of goggles because i prefer the visor up and having the wind in my face, but stuff hitting my eyes is a concern, it's also easier to wear dark lens goggles and take them off when the sun goes down rather than having to swap a tinted visor for a clear one. i just hope i can go for a ride along the beach this arvo to try them out :)

    BING 500 posts :p
  11. Congrats on the 500 posts, and on finding a way to spend more money on motorcycling, NEVER a bad thing!!!
  12. Try getting a pair of tinted safety glasses from one of those shops that sells safety gear (usually less than 10 bucks), I've got a few pairs I "acquired" from work and found they're perfectly capable of stopping a rock at 100kph. Clear pairs can also be handy for when the sun's not out (ie night time) but the weather's still warm and you want to ride with the visor open.
  13. I think by open faced, Conny meant that dirt bike helmets don't have a visor, except for the sun visor which is permantly up. They are otherwise a similar shape to a full faced road helmet so the helmet goes on first with the goggle strap around the outside. :)
  14. I've got a question related to this topic (sorry if I'm hijacking).

    Whats the go with helmets and sun glare protection?

    I bought myself a half decent pair if sunglasses prior to getting my bike, thinking I would wear them inside my visor when required...my full face helmet is a snug but not uncomfortable fit, and I quickly realised there was no way in hell that I was gonna get those glasses on comfortably.

    I've heard about tinted visors, are they any good? I was wondering how realistic is it to have a tinted visor in your back pack which you could swap over for sun glare at certain times of day, would this be easy to do?

    Right now I have a cheapish HJC helmet but will eventually get a Shoei when I have the cash, what is the technology like for sun glare at the top level these days?

  15. I have a top end HJC helmet and have an iridiun visor and tinted visor. I have to wear specs to ride and swear by either of those visors. I just put on the clear one for night..
  16. I wear specs too and am just about to take my learners, I was wondering about tinted visors....how dark is the tinted visor and is it still useable even if the sun isnt so bright?
  17. Tinted one is mostly ok, but must admit when it gets a little dull or if you are travelling where there are lots of trees they are not the best. I find the iridium the best as even in the not so bright conditions you are still able to see quite well. One thing to very carefull of is in dull conditions with tinted visor, you dont really see wet patches or oil on rds..
  18. Yeah, sorry. I knew what i meant but didn't say it right.