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how do I get speedo calibtared on hornet900 and what cost? MELB

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by goddie, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hi folks, got me a hornet900 and I reckon the speedo's out and it's giving me the irrates seeing the needle go up and well, when cars seem going same speed as me on citylink at 110 kmh?? I reckon mine out, have been told these bikes tend to over read by maybe 10kmh, does anyone know how to fix this? Is it something I can do or do you need special equipment [tipping yes for this one] and if only at a shop, any idea of price? thanks peeps, hornet's an 06 model..

  2. Hey Goddie.....bummer....

    Maybe this and this might help?
  3. Speedo reading is approx 10% low on my XVS 1300, and have been googling around and talking to people. Apparently this is a common problem across many bikes and many brands.
    Is there some sort of conspiracy by manufacturers to get us to ride a bit slower?
  4. Good reason to go for a ride :) Go run it through a few of the sensors out on the highways a few times.

    My speedo said you were speeding when you waved to me. Maybe mines out too?
  5. Highway sensors are notoriously fickle too.

    Not uncommon to hear stories about cars going through side by side doing asame speed and getting way different readings.

    Aly as said above very few bike speedos are accurate.

    Most car speedos are though, so a simple check is going for a ride with a friend in a car. Have them sit on 60 then 80 then 100 and follow and see what readings you get.
  6. My car is out by 9kms at 100 and 6km at 80. You go through those sensors enough times it does give you a a general idea
  7. Umm, where did you get the idea that car speedos are usually accurate?

    Car speedos are also usually inaccurate, as shown by many different people by different methods - gps, distance by time, etc.
  8. Car speedos IME are usually 3-4ks out.

    Those highway speed checkers are useless so don't bother with that.

    Best way to work it out is to check it against something like a GPS.
  9. OK friend in a car with a couple of GPS's.
    Compare the speedo in the car to the GPS's and the average will be within a couple of km's...more than close enough to be a figure that you know you'll be safe with ( from the revenue camera /plod persecution ) if your a touch under.
  10. Car speedos are not accurate but a lot closer than most bikes...
    Another option is to use a gps to work out what your speedo is displaying.

    My GS500f was 10% less than it was displaying, bit of a pain when in a 100 or 110 zone.
    The TDM is 7-8kph less than what it's showing at any speed.

    They're all different but I think it's important to know what your real speed is, particularly on bikes that seem to be so far out compared to cars...
    I been always riding at 10kph over on my speedo and have purposely gone thru cameras, past cops and even the dreaded Wellington Rd camera and haven't had a ticket yet...
    I also have witnesses of riding at what my speedo was saying 115-120 in a 100 zone with a bike cop on my tail for a few k's and he did nothing....
    Twas funny to see everyone behind me hit the brakes...

    Haven't had a speeding ticket in over 10 years so thought interesting lets test the waters.... :p
  11. Sorry, should have said "usually more accurate"
  12. I dont speed Aly, maybe yours is out then lol
  13. Thanks Bitstar will search flea bay for this